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One of the latest buzz words in the corporate sphere is ‘quiet quitting’. HR Professional Shelley Caruana, took to social media to discuss this concept.

This term is generally used to refer to those employees who do not make any extra effort to perform tasks that go beyond their job description or set work hours, something “which everyone has a right to do”, Ms Caruana argues.

In light of that, she advises employers that, if they want their staff “to go above and beyond, work extra hours and take on extra responsibilities” then they should “increase their pay and promote them.”

Given such circumstances, Ms Caruana highlights that ‘quiet quitting’ should actually refer to employees who “do not even meet the basic expectations of their job” just because “they don’t like the work environment / work they’re doing.”

Some interesting insights were also shared by Switch Marketing Manager Luke Azzopardi in the post’s comments section.

“If you don’t invest in your employees from a human and professional development point of view, they will only do what they feel compensates their current wage and level of engagement from their employer,” he wrote.

“The expectation that you need to give your heart and soul for your job by default, no matter the way you’re treated needs to die,” Mr Azzopardi added.

Concluding her post, Ms Caruana urged readers to “ditch these ‘trendy’ words, and just keep promoting open communication, with clear growth trajectories for employees, and expectations and understanding for when an employee may not be performing at their best.”

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