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LinkedIn has ranked as the best work opportunity source for local job seekers, a study from consulting firm misco has found.

During the year, misco conducted a number of surveys focusing on various human resources (HR) and marketing issues, and compiled them under one e-book, titled “Navigating Change: Insights into Malta’s Business Landscape in 2023”.

One study focused on job seekers’ attitudes and behaviours, pinpointing the times people tend to change jobs, as well as the main ways they look for job opportunities.

25 per cent of respondents stated that they have never changed jobs, while 15 per cent and 20 per cent said they changed jobs after more than 10 years and every six to ten years, respectively. 29 per cent remarked that they switch jobs every three to five years, while the remaining 11 per cent do so more often than three years.

When searching for a new job, LinkedIn came in as the top source for finding vacancies at 25 per cent.

This was closely followed by company websites and recruitment companies at 20 per cent and 15 per cent, respectively.

LinkedIn, known for being the world’s largest online professional network, has become vital in helping people find jobs and internships, as well as connect and strengthen professional relationships. Recent updates have also enabled users to share insights and perspectives on different areas more efficiently.

Additionally, the social media network has introduced a number of features aimed at assisting job candidates and recruiters, including the #OpenToWork banner which informs others that an individual is looking for a job. Through the feature, these individuals show up with priority in recruiters’ searches, helping them stand out.

This has been particularly helpful within today’s tight labour market, as many companies’ options to fill in certain vacancies have become very limited. They either have to contend with paying extortionate salaries to meet candidates’ demands, hire less skilled workers, or invest in the upskilling and reskilling of their current employees.


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