Ever went on LinkedIn and felt like it’s a brag-fest? Everyone is celebrating achievements and milestones: The latest award, the new offices, a well-deserved promotion. It’s boring. I mean, it’s good to celebrate success — and I’m happy when I see friends advance — but, is that all one can do on LinkedIn?

Let’s explore the great potential this professional social network has and that you’re probably missing out.

Content that Connects

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should not post your achievements, but it’s all about balance. While milestones are impressive, you are more than just your or your company’s achievements.

The content you share should tell stories, share insights, and provide value. Craft posts that enlighten, entertain, or educate your audience. Humanise your personal brand by sharing stories, challenges you’ve conquered, and lessons learned.

Connect on a personal level, as if you were having a genuine face-to-face conversation with your audience.

Remember the magic 80/20 rule. Make your content 80 per cent value for your audience, and 20 per cent about yourself.

Pro tip: Before you start writing any piece of content, ask yourself: “Why should people care? What am I trying to achieve?”. Write for your audience, not your ego.

Comment, Engage, Conquer

LinkedIn is a great place for networking! Engage with your contacts by commenting on relevant posts, sharing your insights, and starting conversations. Show that you’re not just a leader in title, but in action.

Pro tip: The algorithm loves active people that engage in meaningful conversations. This will help you reach new audiences that never heard about you and expand your network.

Strategy, Strategy and Strategy

Before you start posting content, ask yourself these questions: What do you want to achieve on LinkedIn? What are your three main goals? What are the foundations of your personal brand? Who’s your audience? What audience would you like to attract? What are you going to do to add value to your audience so you become relevant for them? What kind of content are you going to share? What are going to be your key performance indicators? Etc.

Advocate for yourself, not only your company.

I’m sure you’re super proud of the company you work for and are a great advocate of its brand. But don’t forget that you too have a voice.

Share your expertise, insights, and experiences that paint you as a thought leader, not just a business billboard.

Remember to build your own personal brand! This will also help you advance in your career and find new professional opportunities.

Share your ideas and opinions

Share your perspectives on industry trends, challenges, and future landscapes. Your insights shouldn’t just reflect your company; they should radiate your vision and expertise.

Now, voicing your own ideas and opinions requires a special kind of courage, but it’s the price you have to pay if you want to be influential.

Let your authenticity shine brighter. People connect with real stories, not just polished perfection, so don’t be afraid to setbacks and stories of failure.

When your content sound too perfect, people grow suspicious. We’re all human after all, so don’t be afraid to share your “unfiltered” stories and experiences.

Ready to Rocket Launch?

As you can see, LinkedIn isn’t just a platform; it’s your personal orbit to foster connections, grow your personal brand, and ignite conversations that matter.

So, put down the corporate banner and embrace the power of your unique voice!


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