Lorenzo Bianchi

Lorenzo Bianchi has joined Vistage’s leadership team as Chief Growth Officer of its Malta and UAE teams.

He describes himself as self-driven, goal-oriented, and focused on the value he brings to the role: “As a growth leader, I tap into my academic background in psychology and draw from years of experience leading and guiding teams to cultivate a growth mindset.”

“My role is a balance between supporting our customers’ growth journey and their Chairs, and growing the business strategically in Malta and UAE. This balance can be achieved through considerate execution, customer centricity, and building relationships,” he added.

Vistage (Malta and UAE) is part of a leading worldwide CEO coaching organisation with 45,000 members in 35 countries. With over 65 years of experience leading hundreds of thousands of CEOs, Founders and Executives, the organisation’s members outpace their industry average and competition through the support of their peers and mentors.

Vistage Malta and UAE both operate under the same team, led by Nathan Farrugia, who is heading the international expansion to the Middle East and other European countries.

Mr Farrugia shared his Vistage story, from initiation to the ongoing growth journey it is at today: “I’ve personally experienced the loneliness that a CEO feels at the top of an organisation, and the burden of responsibility that comes with leadership.”

“Joining a Vistage group early on in my journey helped me cope, grow, and succeed. This is why I am so passionate about the business,” he added.

“With over 100 Chief Executives under our wing, led by a team of experienced Chairs and mentors, recruiting someone with the skills and experience of Lorenzo [Mr Bianchi] was the obvious next step,” Mr Farrugia explained.

Mr Bianchi drew his inspiration from a quote by Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates, saying: “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.”

Through this, Mr Bianchi shared his plans for Vistage: “My goal is to grow our Vistage community in Malta and UAE, adding value to our members whilst growing the business and supporting the Chairs in their work to deliver the Vistage experience to all their peer groups.”

As Vistage continues to expand globally, in light of the ever-increasing pressures on CEOs and leaders to build sustainable businesses and economies, the need for safe spaces for trusted advisors to meet and discuss their challenges becomes crucial. By tapping into the Vistage global network, members can learn, be inspired, and solve problems.

Vistage helps CEOs and business owners grow their business through executive coaching and peer advisory groups.

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Vistage Malta and UAE Chief Growth Officer Lorenzo Bianchi


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