Glitnor Group is an iGaming company focused on lead generation as well as B2C and B2B lines of business. Jörgen Nordlund helped co-found Glitnor Group in 2018, having previously sat on the Board of Directors for West International AB and Jackpotjoy plc. He also helped co-found Vera&John.

Since being set up in 2018, Glitnor Group has achieved rapid growth, necessitating a recent move to new offices. Why did you choose Malta?

Setting up in Malta was almost instinctive. The country has been the home of iGaming in Europe for the last decade, and it was already home to many of our staff, making it a natural choice for our headquarters.

It is also a hub for iGaming talent and networking. Everywhere you turn on the island, you will encounter someone involved with the industry, and having access to such a wealth of talent makes business much easier. The weather is also consistently fantastic, which definitely helps after a long week in the office.

The opening up of the US market represents one of the biggest opportunities for the iGaming sector over the coming years. Are Maltese companies ready to capitalise on this opportunity?

Absolutely. The US market has shaped the industry over the last few years, and it will only continue to grow in importance. Our experience in Malta and throughout Europe will be hugely beneficial as we look stateside.

Mergers and acquisitions are going to be key to success in the market, and our recent acquisition of 37.5 per cent of PlayStar is going to be a huge help moving forward. We are proud to invest in this company and can’t wait to see what the future holds with it.

Do you see the Maltese industry moving towards a concentration on B2B activity, or does B2C still have a place in Malta?

The iGaming industry is in a constant state of change, which is one of the reasons it is so exciting to be a part of. With more markets becoming regulated, we have seen some operations move away from Malta. However, the country still remains an iGaming hub and will continue to do so.

There is so much iGaming talent and so many big companies based here that keeping our headquarters here makes sense from both a B2C and B2B perspective. With Swintt, we already operate in several key markets, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania, but Malta will remain our home.

How has the gaming business in Malta evolved from previous years to the present day?

Things in Malta have changed significantly in recent years, but we always welcome change and believe the vast majority of recent moves have been hugely positive. For starters, all of the regulations that have been put in place seek to protect customers and ensure long-term business for safe operators. This is excellent for us as we put responsible gambling at the heart of everything we do.

Malta as a country has grown a lot economically, and there appear to be more businesses here than ever before. A rising tide lifts all ships, and the continued growth of Malta is going to benefit everyone who is based here.

Of course, this increase in business does mean the island is getting busier, and the work-life balance and happiness of our staff is vital. Going forward, Malta will remain our headquarters, with our beautiful office in Tigné Point being the heart of our operations.

This feature was first carried in the Malta Invest 2024 edition. Malta Invest is the first-ever comprehensive international investment guide focusing on Malta as a destination. It is produced by Content House Group.


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