Last November, Malta celebrated some of the best and the brightest that Maltese and Gozitan businesses had to offer in 2022.

Organised by The Malta Chamber of SMEs, the very first edition of the Malta Business Awards were held last November and took place at the historic Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

The awards were split into four categories: Green Ambassadors, Distinct Initiatives, Business Innovation, and Celebrating Business. More than 20 awards were given to businesses from diverse sectors.

There were 300 nominations. However, only 100 finalists were chosen independently by judges during the first round. After hearing pitches from the finalists, the second round of judging determined the winners. More than 550 people attended this event, representing major industry stakeholders and local businesses.

Abigail Agius Mamo, CEO of the Malta Chamber of SMEs, said that it was a “great honour” to award the firms. These awards were created “to recognise Maltese business.”

Kurt Farrugia of Malta Enterprise stated, “Our country is strong and resilient, and our mission is to see that Maltese businesses are further strengthened and that they regenerate themselves to be more powerful in their future endeavours.”

“This was created to help businesses along their growth path. “Tonight’s awards are a celebration of all the good Maltese and Gozitan business and workers have to share,” he said.

Miriam Dalli, Minister of Environment, Enterprise, and Energy, said the first edition of the Malta Business Awards showcased the nation’s top entrepreneurs and businesses, who, despite all the challenges, still strive to deliver high-quality products and services. I look forward to seeing more businesses find innovative and sustainable ways to give their business a competitive edge.

Several winners expressed gratitude following the event. Many noted that their team essential to being recognised at the awards.

Lottoland won several awards, and was joined by several other businesses in celebrating being recognised and acknowledged after what was undoubtedly a turbulent year.

“No words could describe my happiness. My colleagues make this group amazing. I cannot thank them enough. You deserve the greatest thanks for your outstanding performances,” Mark Bajada, Managing Director of Bajada Group, said upon the company’s being named SME-of-the Year.

Geoffrey Friggieri, the Managing Partner of catering company Busy Bee Ltd., stated his pride in the awarding of the Family Business of the Year to the company and thanked the employees and families that contributed to the achievement of this “prestigious award.”

These are all the winners of the inaugural edition of The Malta Business Awards:

Gerada Quality Construction and Lottoland: Two of the five Green Ambassadors of this event

Lottoland won two different awards

Lottoland was awarded two trophies. It won first place in the categories of Carbon Neutral Commitment and Exceptional Wellness at Workplace. Additionally, Lottoland was named runner-up for the Best CSR Initiative. This made Lottoland the biggest winner of the night. Lottoland is the first iGaming operator to have been certified carbon neutral. In fact, It has planted more than 2 million trees. This includes 1,000 trees in Malta, which were planted by the local NGO Saggar.

“We believe Lottoland should strive for greatness and achieve great things. So, together with our Maltese clients, we are taking steps to create a better ecosystem that allows the environment to flourish,” said Lottoland’s ambassador for Malta.

Gerada Quality Construction: A Leader in Sustainable Initiatives

Gerada Quality Construction received the Leader in Sustainable Initiatives Award. Their stated strategy is to invest their time and money in an efficient way. As a result the company maintains that it can create real value through the development process. “This creates real value for their clients as well as their communities.” What lies behind the operation is “passion in creating meaningful and purposeful places where people can live, work, or have fun.”

A spokesperson went onto highlight that due to the nature of the industry, Gerada Quality Construction “isn’t willing to compromise quality in order to save money” and is “serious about doing the right thing.”

“They know the challenges involved in planning any site. In addition, they are able to balance multiple requirements while still delivering exceptional results by applying the right level of project management.

“Furthermore, this company has a unique energy strategy that is customized for each development. Gerada Quality Construction’s energy strategy includes electric charging stations at communal car parks as well as photovoltaics at the roof level for individual housing and apartment blocks.

“The ultimate goal of the company’s energy-efficient properties is to help clients live more sustainably and economically and reduce the impacts of climate change.”


Chris Mercieca / LinkedIn

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