For those of us of a certain age, the sight of unattended keys in front doors in Gozo was fascinating. This curious custom, from a bygone, sleepier time, was meant to dissuade ill-intentioned individuals from unwanted visits, as the key signified that the household’s wealth was held elsewhere. Today, no one would think of doing such a thing, as our sense of security has heightened in the real world. However, there is another realm where security remains a great concern, albeit with effective solutions just around the corner.

“As no one in their right mind would consider leaving their front door open or unattended, it is equally irresponsible to leave our online assets to their own devices,” says David Vassallo, Chief Technology Officer at Cybersift. In fact, the tech company promises peace of mind for businesses and interests of all sizes, through a complete portfolio of proactive cybersecurity solutions.

“Many businesses often underestimate the reach and impact of cyber threats. They assume they won’t be targeted, leading them to believe they don’t need robust protection. However, cyber attackers target anyone with an internet connection, and the consequences can be far-reaching.”

Either big, or small, anyone is at risk of being targeted. “Small companies often think that they would be too small to be of any interest to cyber-attacks, however unfortunately, often this is not the case. From experience we know how smaller systems can still be attacked, to serve as mining facilities for crypto. This would be taking place unbeknownst to the owner of the system, creating an inconvenience or even damage in the long run.”

“Equally common are instances when smaller systems are hacked to form a network from which to launch cyberattacks onto larger interests. Once again, the owners of the systems would be in the dark about such happenings, and often would find out when it is too late.”

Bigger companies, on the other hand, sometimes think that they are too big to fail, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. “They are the ones that have most to lose, in fact it is quite rare that we come across companies of a certain stature which would be completely unprotected. Security however is not as simple as locking a door. It reflects the ever-evolving world of hackers, which are creative and crafty to say the least.”


That is where Cybersift comes in, as it provides a complete suit of products that help businesses protect their online interests from attacks, on a number of levels. “Cybersift offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions designed for defence in depth. For example, our Security Incident and Event Manager (SIEM) collects network data to provide visibility into potential threats. This starts a conversation about what is needed to be done, to achieve full protection.  Tutela is another product offered by Cybersift as part of our suite. It conducts deep scans to manage risks and enhance detection capabilities. We also emphasise prevention with products like Cybersift DNS, which blocks malicious links to enhance security. Prevention is key in today’s evolving threat landscape.”

With cyber attackers being increasingly motivated by financial gain, cyber security is paramount, to protect one’s infrastructure. “Cybersecurity is akin to insurance. You are likely to only appreciate it when you need it.”

With a wealth of experience in the field of cybersecurity, David leads the tech side of Cybersift’s efforts to help protect businesses from attack. Asked what he thinks makes a great business leader, for David it’s all about finding win-win deals. “Identifying areas of mutual benefit for both the business and the end consumer remains central. A savvy business leader can tease out concrete areas in which their business is able to provide value to their customers, often in the face of vague and ever-changing information. In other words, a good business leader is adept at delivering win-win scenarios for both customer and businesses.”

For David putting the customer first is crucial: “Stellar customer service and the personal touch will always outshine technical brilliance, though the latter is also very important.”

Turning to his personal fascination with the field of cybsersecurity, David remains “in awe” of the field’s “absolute vastness”, and what goes into securing the company’s systems – “something which we often take for granted. It encompasses social, physical, infrastructural and software elements that need to work together in one well-oiled machine.”

Being a local company, Cybersift is better positioned to understand the issues being faced by Maltese companies better and quicker, according to David. “We are blessed with a team of dedicated professionals who understand the local market intimately, in ways that go beyond the tech. In fact, that is why we are in a position to offer personalised service and expertise, drawing on years of experience and a long track record in ICT.”

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