Leading Malta-based employment service provider WFDM Ltd, founded and led by Matthew Mantvydas Narusevicius, has a mission to make applying for jobs “as enjoyable as possible for potential employees by running recruitment marketing campaigns and conducting executive searches”.

Its services are broad, while the company lays stress that “customers always receive the best likely prospects and service”.

Here, Matthew adds that providing the appropriate level of service “must come above any other concerns”.

“Our primary focus is on providing the highest possible level of service.”

Matthew shares that his long term goal is to establish a thriving business that caters to customers with needs in the technology, finance, retail and insurance industries.

“My joy has been the driving force behind my efforts over the past years to develop WFDM Ltd as a market leader in the recruitment sector,” he adds.

WFDM Ltd can assist you at every point of your career, he asserts.

In addition, it connects eligible applicants with long-term job opportunities in sectors served by the company and candidates are assisted in their search for permanent employment.

“We assist large companies in the technology, finance, retail, and insurance industries to locate exceptional employees by fostering and maintaining close ties with those companies,” says the CEO.

“Our mission is to build a business with a stellar reputation for recruiting the most qualified individuals for open positions, regardless of gender.

“Many people in Malta have landed their dream jobs thanks to our strategy,” Matthew concludes.


Ana Rubio / LinkedIn

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