On Wednesday (today), Marcel Grech Mallia, announced that he has joined GSD Marketing as its new Head of Sales.

Announcing his role on LinkedIn, Mr Grech Mallia recalled that over the past few years he reflected on what his next career move should be.

Earlier this week, he announced his departure from Epic Malta after a two-decade tenure at the telecoms company, where he most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

From his point of view, Mr Grech Mallia said that the telecoms industry is addictive as it serves a key purpose by connecting and enabling people and organisations, moves at a fast pace and presents “several challenges and opportunities.”

In his transition towards a new career change, Mr Grech Mallia posed himself a series of questions on whether he could find a more vibrant and competitive industry to work in, and if he could pick a company that represented brands he is already attached to.

“Would I find a solid and highly reputable organisation? Would I be lucky to work in another utterly professional environment with highly dedicated colleagues? Great satisfaction would be derived from once again representing a world renown brand. Multiple of such would be even better,” Mr Grech Mallia remarked.

Now, he added, he’s lucky to have ticked all of the boxes at GSD Marketing.

GSD Marketing Ltd sells and distributes The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) products manufactured by The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd in Malta. It also imports, sells and distributes additional TCCC products such as FuzeTea, Cappy Juices and Powerade. Additionally, it imports, sells and distributes other brands such as Monster, Bavaria, Stella Artois, Berlin Beer and Lowenbrau among others.

Mr Grech Mallia commented that he is looking forward to his learning journey and to deliver “excellent results” with the team, Senior Management peers and other colleagues.

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GSD Head of Sales - Marcel Grech Mallia / LinkedIn


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