Claire Abela and James Calleja are intent on making the most of Maltese summer

7 August 2022
by Benjamin Abela

James Calleja would never imagine going to Sicily without a car.

Pio Vassallo and Mark Camilleri Gambin’s dream summers couldn’t be more different

6 August 2022
by Benjamin Abela

What’s your favourite way to spend summer in Malta?

For digital nomad Emma Calleja, summer breaks are all about returning to your roots

23 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

For Emma, a holiday is no longer synonymous with sightseeing, flights, and foreign cultures…

Malta’s hot summer months re-awaken CEO Robert Cassar’s love for the arts

17 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

'I love being out with my wife and two sons enjoying live music, concerts, and other cultural activities in the ...

Delicious food, crisp wine, and great company: Robyn Pratt’s ingredients for the perfect summer

16 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

Here’s what The Phoenicia Malta General Manager will be getting up to in the coming months.

‘I’d take rain and gloom over 39-degree heat any day’ – Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana

9 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

Jo weaves her love for the arts and good food into her annual summer adventures.

Claire Zammit Xuereb’s dream summer getaway is ‘somewhere nobody can see her’

2 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

As much as she loves a peaceful holiday, Claire will always look to satisfy her thirst for adventure.

‘Malta will be one of the leading digital countries in Europe’ – eSkills Malta Chief Administrator

25 March 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Since the inception of the eSkills Malta Foundation, digital skills on the island have taken ‘a big leap’ in the ...

‘We have made progress, but we need to do more, Europe needs to do more’ – Carmel Cachia

24 January 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Looking ahead to an ambitious set of goals and initiatives, eSkills Malta’s Chief Administrator says that Europe’s competitiveness depends on ...

Jatco Insurance: Managing Director John Tortell shares exciting days ahead following rebranding

8 January 2022
by Teri Spiteri

As with so many companies, 2021 wasn’t quite the year that Jatco Insurance Brokers had planned

From seeking work to setting up his own recruitment firm: the story of CEO Tomas Mikalauskas

20 December 2021
by Lisa Borain

RecruitGiant CEO Tomas Mikalauskas talks about the adversity in setting up a recruitment company in Malta, and how the pandemic ...

‘We are honoured’: GoTo Country Manager celebrates three years since Malta launch

17 November 2021
by MaltaCEOs

Zack Bergerson hails the multi-modal provider for being part of the solution of Malta’s congestion challenges

‘The most successful businesses will be the ones that are the most sustainable,’ says Karl Gonzi

17 November 2021
by MaltaCEOs

The Managing Director of Entain in Malta draws parallels between the innovative tech platforms used by gaming companies to those ...

‘We work in a sector which changed the world, and its crucial we adapt to satisfy demand,’ – MDIA CEO

16 November 2021
by MaltaCEOs

Kenneth Brincat was appointed to the role in October 2021

‘My first weeks intensified my determination to build on the valuable work of colleagues’ – MFSA CEO

16 November 2021
by MaltaCEOs

Joseph Gavin shares his thoughts on how to take the industry to new levels

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