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The start of the new year often means new beginnings to many people, with it being the time when various companies choose to promote workers to new roles.

It’s time for the annual increment, and employees are awaiting the chance to get the promotion they have been working for. However, what happens when they hear that someone else has received the good news instead of them?

VacancyCentre Senior Recruitment Consultant Simon Pace on Monday explained that while the first few days of January are often the days to celebrate successes and promotions at work, there are many others who are left “quietly disappointed, trying not to show it”.

Mr Pace has worked at VacancyCentre for the past five years, having previously also occupied a senior consultancy position at local business consulting firm. Over the years, he has successfully assisted and supported various recruitment campaigns for local and international clients by sourcing candidates for a number of sectors.

He proceeded to point out a number of key tips for individuals who have missed out on the promotion that they had been waiting for.

Firstly, he remarked that it is important for them to take their time to accept the situation.

“It’s normal to be sad or angry about it, and I think it’s important to acknowledge such feelings before moving forward,” Mr Pace explained.

Once the individual has come to terms with their emotions, they need to understand why they were not picked for the new position. “There are reasons why you didn’t get promoted. Some factors are beyond control, but others can be addressed. Understanding precedes improvement,” he continued.

Following this, Mr Pace said that they need to create their own plan of action, and if needs be, they also need to write it down. During this process, they need to avoid comparing themselves to others, as each situation is different, and thus they should instead focus on what they are trying to achieve, how they can do more and be better in their current role.

“Your response to rejection defines your professional character. Be resilient, seek feedback, and showcase maturity. Remember, those you want to impress are watching,” he added.

He advised against applying for another job just because they didn’t get the promotion they wanted, as this “might not lead to the right destination”. “Don’t hastily jump ship post-rejection,” he remarked, before adding that individuals instead must “reflect, grow, and then decide”.

“Rejection is tough, but use it as fuel for growth. Turn setbacks into stepping stones,” Mr Pace concluded.

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