Online betting is now a huge global industry, worth more than $60 billion in 2023. Improving technology and better regulations have helped to make it more accessible and safer, leading to greater trust from players. Sports betting is the most popular way to gamble online, and billions of wagers are placed across the world every year. 

Today, it’s incredibly easy to start betting online, with lots of options available to choose from. Malta may not be a particularly large island in terms of its size or population. Despite this, it’s become an international hub for the gambling industry and is home to some of the most popular betting operators. If you want to discover the best sports betting sites in Malta, you’ll find a comprehensive list at, all of which are licensed and safe to use. 

While betting online has never been easier, it can be challenging for new users to get started. In this guide, you’ll learn how to find betting sites in Malta, and what separates the best sites from the rest. Not only that, but we’ll share more tips on signing up, making deposits and placing your first sports bets. 

Finding the best betting sites

There are a lot of different Malta betting sites out there, all offering users the chance to sign up and place real money bets on sporting events from around the world. As beginners, many people find it difficult to know which site to choose and how to begin. Thankfully, there are factors you can look at to find the best betting site Malta for you.


All legal and legitimate betting sites will be licensed, with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licensing popular sites that operate worldwide. The licence shows that the site has complied with strict regulations and controls designed to protect users. In other words, the licence is a sign that the site is trustworthy and safe to use. 

Betting sites that fail to comply with these regulations will face fines and the loss of their licence, making it difficult for them to operate. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to provide users with a safe experience. You can learn more about the licensing process and how it helps improve the integrity of sports from the MGA

Odds and betting markets

The best betting sites in Malta offer a wide range of options for users to bet on. When you sign up, it’s good to have a lot of variety in how you bet and the sports you can place real money wagers on. Most sites will feature popular sports such as football leagues from around the world, Formula 1, cricket, rugby, basketball and more. This will also include a lot of different markets on major events, giving you more freedom over your bets.

Ideally, the odds offered on major sports should also be equal or better than the competition. Betting odds will have an impact on how much profit you can make from your bets. Therefore, it’s important that you place your bets at the best possible odds if you want to improve your chance of long-term success. 


Promotions are an important part of using sports betting sites in Malta. These special offers make signing up more appealing and help sites improve customer loyalty too. The best sites always provide welcome offers for new users, and these are a great way to get more value out of your bets.

When signing up to a new sports betting site, always check out the promotions available. Quality sports betting promotions aren’t just easy to claim. They should also be easy to use. This means no restrictive terms and conditions. Read through all the terms before you sign up.

Ease of use

Malta’s best betting sites make it simple for users to register, make deposits and start placing bets. Betting on sports shouldn’t be complicated, and the best sites always make it easy to get started. When choosing your betting site, always check how easy the site is to use.

Make sure that your preferred payment methods are accepted, and that the deposit and withdrawal process are straightforward. If you like to bet from your mobile, you can also look at whether the site offers a betting app or mobile compatibility. Learn more about the popularity of mobile apps from Vox

How to start betting online

Once you’ve selected a betting site Malta to join, you can start placing real money wagers on your favourite sporting events. First though, you’ll need to register your account and make a deposit. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Register your account by providing your full details
  2. Verify your information by uploading your ID
  3. Ensure you agree to the site’s terms and conditions
  4. Choose an accepted payment method to make a deposit
  5. Deposit over the minimum amount to claim your welcome promo
  6. Search for an event or competition to bet on
  7. Choose a betting market and enter your stake in your bet slip
  8. Confirm your bet and watch the game to see the result


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