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Non-Executive Director (NED) and Executive Mentor Nadia Pace on Wednesday (today) stated that business leaders must align their priorities with the goals they need to reach.

Ms Pace is a vastly experienced business leader with a career that spans over 20 years. She describes herself as a “strong advocate for innovation and business transformation,” and says that she is passionate about mentoring business leaders and companies as they navigate through the different challenges the business world brings. She has held senior positions at a number of international firms, and now serves as NED at various companies.

In her post, Ms Pace stated that she often finds herself repeating that making it in the business sphere is “all about alignment.”

Her reflections came after a former team member reminded her how during her time as CEO, the team would repeat this phrase, even when she wasn’t in the same room as them.

Nowadays, during her encounters and assignments with clients, the “alignment of priorities, objectives, and cross-functional plans are high on the agenda.”

“It is crucial to align priorities to facilitate execution of agenda items until the next meeting,” Ms Pace said.

She concluded by questioning whether there are other business leaders who find themselves discussing repeated agenda items during meetings “without achieving the desired progress.”

This coincides with Retail Marketing Ltd CEO Jonathan Shaw’s thoughts earlier this month, with the experienced CEO stating that while strategies and plans are important, everything ultimately “converges to execution.” While businesses can create great strategies, ideas, and plans, at the end of the day, they are useless unless they are executed effectively.

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Non-Executive Director and Executive Mentor Nadia Pace / LinkedIn


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