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Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro General Manager Edmond Bonett on Sunday shared how crucial accountability is at the workplace, especially when it comes to uniting a team to pull in the same direction.

“Hard work does indeed pay off. At times and from experience you’ll also realise that you have to more often than not work smarter instead of harder and make use of the resources around you,” he said, before adding that one will be “surprised” by how much “overall good” it does to themselves, their colleagues, and “ultimately the entire set-up and organisation”.

Edmond Bonett / LinkedIn
Edmond Bonett / LinkedIn

“Be humble, be approachable, be firm, be assertive, but be fair and do what you have to do,” he remarked. He added that one also needs to communicate, be consistent, praise and appreciate others, and to also “lead by example”. By combining these qualities, one can then work to “instil a culture of self-discipline”.

He continued by saying that “Accountability is beautiful, carry that responsibility with your head held up high. You never quite know, it might just make you a much better person after all. Give it some time.”

“No one but you chooses the type of person you want to be. Choose wisely and remember that it’s never too late to rethink, adjust or change altogether, but keep going,” he concluded.

Mr Bonett has a wide array of catering and hospitality experience, both in Malta and the UK. He has served as General Manager at Manouche for a year-and-a-half, during which time the Malta-based restaurant chain expanded its offering to five outlets spread across the island.

His experience also includes more than four years at Xara Collection, during which time he served as Director of Sales and Marketing and Group General Manager, and also over three yeas at C. Camilleri & Sons Ltd, where he was Food & Beverage Manager and Brand Manager. He also had stints in a number of management positions at various UK hotels and restaurants, including Hand Picked Hotels and Rhinefield House Hotel.


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