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Malta Enterprise Chief Officer Investment Promotion Marion Zammit on Sunday shared that she finished the 2023 Paris Marathon.

The Paris Marathon traces its roots back to 1976, and the event is limited to 50,000 runners. This year’s marathon was held last Sunday, and the route included various notable attractions, such as Palais de Garnier, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe, among others.

“You might think some things are impossible, but nothing is really impossible if you work for a goal,” she said.

Marion Zammit medal / LinkedIn
Marion Zammit’s medal for completing the Paris Marathon / LinkedIn

She remarked that she “worked very hard” for the medal, and she is proud to finally say that she is a “marathoner”.

Ms Zammit noted that through this achievement, she has struck the “number one item” off her bucket list, which was to run her first marathon in Paris. After “months of training”, she managed to run 42.69 kilometres in four hours and 23 minutes.

“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart in it,” she concluded.

Ms Zammit has worked at Malta Enterprise for more than five years, and during that time has served in various positions within the investment promotion sector. She has served as Chief Officer Investment Promotion at the agency for over a year. Her career also includes experiences at Vivian Corporation Ltd, Abbott, and STMicroelectronics.

She holds a Master of Business Administration in Lean Manufacturing Methods and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, both from University of Malta.

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Marion Zammit / LinkedIn


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