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NOUV Founder and Managing Partner Mark A. Aquilina on Tuesday identified five key dangers every business leader must watch out for on their journey to success.

Starting and running a business undoubtedly comes with its challenges. Inexperienced business leaders are very often faced with a number of stumbling blocks tied to life at the helm of an organisation, catching them off guard or leaving them confused about what to do next.

Hence, it is vital for business leaders to be aware of the difficulties they face and tackle them right before they grow out of control.

“In the ever-evolving business world, it’s not just about the steps you take forward, but also the pitfalls you deftly sidestep,” Mr Aquilina said.

One of the key pitfalls he listed is that of overconfidence. Mr Aquilina remarked that it is crucial for business leaders to “always stay ground”, as the business landscape is everchanging and what might work on one day, might not for another.

He also pointed towards the need for passion. Passion is ultimately what drives success, and business leaders must ensure that their “heart and soul” is in what they do.

As explained earlier, the business space is constantly changing, with new trends and technologies rising to prominence regularly.

However, Mr Aquilina explained that business leaders need to avoid “blindly chasing the next big thing”. Following trends and remaining relevant are important, but this needs to be done in a way that also incorporate strategy and adaptation.

A core part of a business is its people, and Mr Aquilina stressed that happy employees equates to a successful business. Therefore, one has to “value and nurture” them through suitable working conditions, and by treating them with respect, giving them a chance to express themselves, and providing training and learning opportunities.

Lastly, he highlighted that business leaders cannot be “tunnel-visioned”. Mr Aquilina added that one has to diversify and be informed about what is happening around them and other views about topics. “Don’t get trapped in a single perception,” he said.

“Remember, with a quality product and service, a stellar reputation will follow,” Mr Aquilina concluded.

Mr Aquilina founded NOUV, a boutique management and financial consulting firm, in 2008, utilising his more than 25 years of management and financial services industry experience. Aside from being Founder and Managing Partner, he is also Chief Visionary Officer, leading the firm’s annual planning process and developing long-range strategic plans, objectives, and tactics for the company’s portfolio of brands.

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NOUV Founder and Managing Partner Mark A. Aquilina / LinkedIn

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