Gege Gatt

Up next in our series of insights by leading business figures in Malta which aims to shed light on the short-term future of business on the island, by identifying the opportunities and threats that carry the potential to redefine Malta’s industries and markets in the year to come.

Gege Gatt is the CEO of London-based EBO, an AI enterprise which automates citizen engagement. In his eyes, the transformative impact of AI on Maltese businesses represents the most important opportunity for 2024.

“AI presents unique opportunities in the public sector this year. AI’s ability to handle repetitive, rules-based tasks – like those in public administration – opens the door for a significant re-humanisation in the workforce. By automating mundane tasks, AI allows public sector employees to focus on more meaningful, humancentric aspects of their jobs, enhancing job satisfaction and effectiveness.

“However, the challenges and threats to Malta’s global competitiveness will stem from our failure to adapt to swiftly evolving technological advancements or to comply with stringent EU regulations. It’s also crucial to recognise that the current lack of a robust venture capital ecosystem in Malta poses a significant barrier to nurturing and scaling tech startups. Without sufficient investment, Malta risks lagging in the rapidly changing global tech landscape.

“So, along with embracing AI, I hope to see a shift towards technology-focused investments in 2024. If we prioritise the growth of Malta’s tech sector and position it as a hub for innovation, we’ll create more opportunities to attract attention from international tech companies and investors.”

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