In this series, prominent business figures in Malta shed light on the short-term future of business on the island, by identifying the opportunities and threats that carry the potential to redefine Malta’s industries and markets in the year to come. This feature was first carried in the annual print publication MaltaCEOs, the sister brand to

Antoine Galea Salomone, CEO of SG Solutions – a forward-thinking ICT provider – is eager to see the synergies between innovation and sustainability shaping the Malta business landscape and creating opportunities in 2024.

“From my perspective, the dynamic intersection of technology and environmental consciousness promises exciting opportunities for companies to contribute to both economic growth and societal well-being in 2024.

“The adoption of advanced technologies such as AI will enhance operational efficiency and offer innovative solutions. Additionally, a growing emphasis on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility will shape consumer preferences and drive companies towards eco-friendly and socially responsible initiatives.

“On the other hand, the main challenges for the Maltese business sector in 2024 will likely revolve around a persistent talent shortage and the complexities of evolving regulatory frameworks. Attracting and retaining skilled professionals in a competitive global market will demand strategic workforce planning, while navigating regulations will require agility and proactive compliance measures.

“This year, Malta should prioritise strengthening its education system, fostering innovation and implementing policies supporting talent retention. Collaboration between the Government, businesses and educational institutions is essential for a strategic and holistic approach to preserve Malta’s competitiveness globally.”

First published as part of a wider feature first carried on MaltaCEOs 2024 print publication, the sister brand to

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