Paradise Bay Hotel Visit / DOI / Clodagh O'Neill

Paradise Bay Hotel General Manager Quentin Grima on Wednesday highlighted the hotel’s increasing focus on sustainability following a €200,000 investment in smart solar energy solutions.

This came during a visit to the hotel from Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli, Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia, Energy and Water Agency (EWA) Chief Product Officer Charles Buttigieg, and RecoWatt CEO John Ciantar.

Paradise Bay Hotel’s investment came in a bid to support its requirement for water heating and to secure the production of 11,000 litres of sanitary water as energy storage. This solar plant will contribute to almost 70 per cent of its total energy needs, with annual fuel savings amounting to €60,000. This fully recovers the cost of the investment in three-and-a-half years, while also reducing the hotel’s carbon dioxide emissions by 220 tonnes every year.

Additionally, Paradise Bay Hotel invested in a wastewater treatment installation for sustainable water management. Through this grey water recovery project, it is seeing a 100 per cent system water recovery, with a “very high” return on investment and an “encouraging full cost recovery” within 12 months.

Mr Grima welcomed the support provided by the Government and Malta Enterprise and said that it encouraged the company to further invest in energy efficiency.

Quentin Grima / LinkedIn
Paradise Bay Hotel General Manager Quentin Grima / LinkedIn

“The changes we are implementing are not only cost-saving measures but also help us to reduce our carbon footprint,” he explained.

The hotel is one of a number of businesses benefitting from various schemes operated by Malta Enterprise and EWA. Malta Enterprise released around €500,000 in support to businesses in Malta and Gozo in a year, while EWA is conducting energy audits to advise companies one how their energy use could become more efficient.

Minister Dalli welcomed the efforts made by Maltese businesses across different sectors, including hospitality, as they shift towards more sustainable operations.

“Undoubtedly, the hospitality sector was amongst the worst hit during the pandemic. Through the wage supplement, its extension and the support in utility bills, the Government has helped companies to keep going on,” she said.

“At the same time, we launched schemes to encourage businesses to invest in sustainable operations to become more efficient and reduce costs,” Minister Dalli added.

Miriam Dalli / DOI / Clodagh O'Neill
Miriam Dalli / DOI / Clodagh O’Neill

“The project is a great example of the priority which is being given to sustainability and energy efficiency in our business community,” Mr Farrugia explained.

He also said that Malta Enterprise is “proud to invest in sustainable businesses who make sustainability a priority in their day-to-day operations”.

As indicated in Budget 2023, Malta Enterprise aims to double the financial assistance it provides under the Smart and Sustainable Investment grant. The grant will be covering 50 per cent of the eligible investment, up to a maximum of €100,000. Additionally, tax credit for such investments will be doubled from €20,000 to a maximum of €40,000.

Earlier this month, the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise also launched a national energy saving campaign for businesses, named “Be Efficient, Save Energy!” Through this, the Government is collaborating with nine organisations representing Malta’s principal economic sectors to encourage businesses to adopt energy efficient practices and technologies in their operations.

Located in Mellieha, Paradise Bay Hotel sits “literally by the water’s edge”, and features a private beach, a number of pools, restaurants and bars, along with a range of leisure facilities.

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Paradise Bay Hotel Visit / DOI / Clodagh O'Neill


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