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Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA) Founder and CEO Kurt Mifsud on Thursday expressed delight at the news that Bidni Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the Platinum Award at the London International Olive Oil Competition.

This is a significant milestone for the MCA, which manages the brand, produced by the Grima family, as it sets a new benchmark for Maltese olive oil on the international stage.

The Bidni olive, a variety endemic to Malta and virtually unknown to the world until two decades ago, was revived through the dedicated efforts of Sammy Cremona and later by the Grima family.


The Bidni olive tree is an early harvest variety, which property naturally protects the olive fruit against fruit fly infestations. The olives, small and concave with a deep purple colour when ripe, yield a distinctive oil with a noticeably peppery taste, owing to the fruit’s high level of polyphenols. The olives are cold-pressed within less than 24 hours of harvest, producing an extra virgin olive oil with an oleic acid percentage considerably lower than standard extra virgin olive oils. Today, the Grima family cultivates around 600 Bidni trees, producing approximately 500 litres of this extra virgin olive oil annually.

The London International Olive Oil Competition is one of the largest and most prestigious olive oil competitions in Europe, making this win a significant achievement for both the Grima family and MCA. As an accolade that sees hundreds if not thousands of competitors annually, the Platinum Award recognises the outstanding quality and distinctiveness of the Bidni Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“It has been an incredible journey, filled with emotions, and we are thrilled to be recognised at the largest olive oil competition in Europe,” Mr Mifsud said.

(From left) Joe Grima and Immanuel Grima – father and son duo who cultivate the famed Bidni olive trees, and Kurt Mifsud – MCA CEO and Founder 

He remarked that the achievement is a “testament to the hard work and dedication” of all the producers on the Maltese Islands. “We firmly believe in the power of quality products, and this recognition further strengthens our commitment to excellence,” he added.

“We are proud to contribute to the growing reputation of Maltese olive oil on the global stage,” Mr Mifsud continued. He also proceeded to express gratitude for the “continued support and belief” in the brand, before concluding by stating the MCA’s determination to “continue striving for quality and excellence”.

Speaking about the achievement, Immanuel Grima, who together with his father Joe cultivates the Bidni olive trees, said that it is “of great honour” to see the fruit of their work participate in the international event and receive the prestigious award.

“While we anticipate an increase in production as our trees mature, our focus will remain on quality and the nurturing of this endemic variety,” he added.

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MCA CEO and Founder Kurt Mifsud / MCA


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