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Endeavour Founder and Organisational Psychologist Practitioner Daniel Cassar on Sunday pointed out how one cannot take setbacks and difficulties to heart, and to instead learn from them as part of the path towards success.

This came as Mr Cassar, who is also HR Manager at Delta Malta Ltd, noted down three of the most “valuable lessons” he learnt over another “transformative week” of his personal growth journey, exploring the “highlights and triumphs” he enjoyed.

Firstly, he explained that setbacks have to be embraced as “opportunities”. Referring to the launch of Endeavour’s marketing campaign, he explained that it was a “rollercoaster ride of emotions” as he “poured his heart and soul into the project”. However, he explained that it did not yield the immediate results he had hoped for, yet he said: “But hey, that’s the reality of the journey, right?”

“However, I’ve come to understand that setbacks are not roadblocks but rather stepping stones to success. With patience and a growth mindset, I am determined to reflect, learn, and adapt, paving the way for future breakthroughs,” Mr Cassar remarked.

He then proceeded to emphasise how integral it is to “unleash human potential”.

“I’ve embarked on an enriching course focused on recruitment and selection. By deepening my knowledge and honing my skills in identifying exceptional talent, I aim to create impactful teams that drive positive change,” he added.

“Let’s unlock the untapped potential within individuals and nurture their growth,” he continued.

Lastly, he noted one cannot give up when faced with obstacles, whether physical or mental. Mr Cassar explained that he is preparing for The Grid, an OCR race that he has been “eagerly anticipating”.

“After four weeks of dedicated training, I found myself facing some minor injuries during the weekend. However, setbacks are merely detours on the path to success,” he said, noting the “power of resilience and determination”. As a result, this week he will shift his focus towards recovering from the injuries, so that he is “fully prepared to conquer the race” and push himself beyond his “perceived limits”.

“Every hurdle faced and conquered fuels my growth and propels me towards new heights. Let’s embrace challenges as opportunities to surpass our limits,” he explained.

“Together, let’s embrace challenges, seek growth, and become the best versions of ourselves,” he concluded.

At Endeavour, Mr Cassar specialises in strengthening the relationship between team leaders and members through his “expert knowledge of leadership and team management”. He holds a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from University of Leicester, and a Higher Diploma in Psychology from University of Malta, among other qualifications.

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