Buddy Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Mifsud believes employers have a “duty” to help those who work them to realise their dreams, even if that means losing a valuable employee.

Instead of creating stumbling blocks when, for example, an employee wishes to open their own business or work abroad, Mr Mifsud says that employers should “create win-win situations”.

Taking to LinkedIn after reflecting on the message behind Disney’s latest creation, Wish, and the parallels he drew between the plot and his own life, as well as that of this wife, the entrepreneur, who founded the cloud payroll solutions provider in 2019, warned that dedicating too much of oneself to work has some dangerous pitfalls.

Jonathan Mifsud / LinkedIn
Buddy co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Mifsud / LinkedIn Photo

“People are taught, through education and even their jobs, to put their dreams (and wishes) aside, and focus on delivering, through assignments, exams and tasks the work that is required of them,” he wrote. “In that process, many simply stop dreaming.”

However, “when we stop dreaming, we lose our sparkle,” he continued, and “that sparkle is what makes us unique.”

Certainly, having a job that puts food on the table and pays enough to support a decent standard of living is important, but Mr Mifsud argues against adopting an ‘either/or’ mentality: “You should still have the opportunity to dream, to make that one thing that you wish for a reality.”

In other words: “We do not live in a world where someone controls which dreams are allowed to become a reality.”

Employers can have a part to play in all this, with the CTO sharing his view that “work should be a step in the realisation of your dream,” inviting employees to share their dreams with employers to “help them create win-win situations that take you one step closer to realising your dream.”

For Mr Mifsud, “as an innovator and employer, it is my duty to those who work with us to realise their dreams.”

He challenged recruiters and HR professionals, asking whether they ask candidates and team members about their dreams, and whether their learning paths help people to make these dreams a reality.

“Let us together create a better world, one where people are not only free, but encouraged to pursue their dream. Even if that may mean you lose a really good person.”


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