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Business Leaders CEO Morgan Parnis has labelled 2024 as the year that he will rekindle his passion for sketching, a skill he views as “integral” to his life at and away from the workplace, being an “exercise in mindfulness.”

Mr Parnis, a seasoned entrepreneur who is leading a number of businesses including Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) and Esprimi, was commenting as part of’s end-of-year series, where he anticipated that 2024 will bring plenty of growth, both personally and from a strategic perspective.

He has served as CEO at Business Leaders Malta, a diversified company with a number of different ventures, since 2013. Mr Parnis sees himself as an avid learner, constantly consuming knowledge in one way or another.

When asked how he would describe the past 12 months, Mr Parnis said that they proved to be “strategic, liberating, and humbling.”

“Initiating a succession plan for our Malta operations and engaging a long-standing employee in the international expansion of our business school were pivotal decisions. These strategic moves not only streamlined our operations, but also opened new doors both locally and internationally,” he remarked.

He explained that 2023 was a year where the focus was on Business Leaders’ core business and “shedding distractions.” This shift in focus proved to be “quite liberating” for him, as it facilitated quicker growth and enabled the company to concentrate on “what truly matters.”

Additionally, given the growth experienced by the different ventures Business Leaders has in its portfolio, all becoming independent entities and attracting investment, it was a “deeply humbling” year for Mr Parnis. He said that this is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team, reminding him of the broader impact of Business Leaders’ efforts.

On a personal level, he is particularly proud that he had the opportunity to mentor different individuals over the course of the year, ranging from team members to entrepreneurs.

“My drive has always been fuelled by an inner ambition to surpass my previous bests, rather than a pursuit of external recognition or ego. This intrinsic motivation appears to have resonated with others, leading them to seek my guidance,” he shared. Mr Parnis described this experience as “immensely fulfilling”, noting that it is a privilege to witness and contribute to their “journey towards realising their potential.”

He is also grateful for good health, both of his loved ones and his own. He views the prospect of serious illnesses as “deeply unsettling, almost like a kryptonite”, and this is a fear that underscores the value he gives to health and well-being. “Therefore, the gift of good health, something that is often taken for granted, is what I cherish the most. It’s a cornerstone that enables everything else in life, from personal ambitions to professional achievements,” he continued.

Looking ahead, he is determined to rediscover some of the hobbies he had as a child, particularly that of sketching.

“Beyond its nostalgic value, sketching is a skill that demands focus and being grounded. It’s an exercise of mindfulness, requiring one to be fully present and immersed in the task at hand,” he explained.

Mr Parnis acknowledged that this practice of cultivating deep focus and clear mindedness is “not just a personal endeavour” but is something that he sees as “integral” to his roles as CEO, father, and husband. “Engaging in sketching will serve as a meditative and creative outlet, helping me enhance my ability to stay present and attentive in all aspects of my life,” he added.

He further commented that in his professional life, discipline and goal setting have been the “cornerstones” of his approach. Despite this, he has noticed a lapse of discipline when it comes to personal fitness. In a bid to fix this, he has altered his morning routine to also incorporate a daily run.

“This change is more than just about fitness. It’s about reinstating that discipline in all areas of my life. I am currently in the process of selecting a marathon to participate in. Setting this as a concrete goal will not only motivate me to stick to my new morning routine, but also provides a tangible target to work towards, ensuring consistency and focus in my personal health regime,” Mr Parnis affirmed.

Returning to his professional endeavours, Mr Parnis said that he is eager to embrace 2024’s prospects and challenges, particularly with CMBS set to move to its new campus at The Brewhouse. This move will not only accommodate the growth of the business school and other ventures, but also mark the beginning of full-time education programmes, as well as the launch of its sixth form school.

“This year also holds the promise of further expansion in our UAE operations and the establishment of new campuses in Toronto (Canada) and Germany. This international growth represents both an exciting opportunity and a complex challenge, as it involves navigating different markets and cultural landscapes,” he continued.

Additionally, 2024 is set to be a year of “strategic growth” for Mr Parnis, potentially including mergers and acquisitions. Such ventures require careful planning and execution, yet he feels that they will bring “new dimensions and strengths” to operations.

Lastly, Mr Parnis was asked where he sees himself a year from now, to which he said that he wants a continuation of the happiness that he is currently feeling.

“Happiness, while seemingly a straightforward goal, is often elusive for many. It encompasses a sense of fulfilment, contentment, and joy in both personal and professional spheres,” Mr Parnis remarked. He added that he feels fortunate to be “genuinely happy” at this point in his life, and his goal is to maintain and nurture this state of being.

“Ensuring I remain happy a year from now is not just a personal objective. It’s a commitment to sustaining a quality of life that resonates through all my endeavours,” he emphasised.

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Business Leaders CEO Morgan Parnis / LinkedIn

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