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The UX Hive Founder Carl Borg Bartolo on Friday shared how the freedom of working on his own as a freelancer has allowed him to be more present for his children’s growth and start to life.

Last November, Mr Borg Bartolo took the plunge into freelance work, or “solopreneurship” after various years working in product discovery and delivery at a number of firms. He founded The UX Hive, through which he helps product and marketing teams increase their revenue by “reducing unwanted friction on core user journeys”.

Carl Borg Bartolo / Linkedin
The UX Hive Founder Carl Borg Bartolo / LinkedIn

Aside from being able to work on his own, the decision changed his life because it allowed him to dedicate more time towards his family.

Making reference to a quote he recently came across that states: “20 years from now, the only people that will remember you worked late or checked emails on weekends will be your kids”, Mr Borg Bartolo noted that it reaffirmed his decision to “embrace solopreneuership”.

“By taking charge of my own time, I can be fully present for my wonderful children,” he said.

“Being present in my kids’ lives during this precious window of opportunity is something I hold dear. I know that as they grow older, they’ll naturally want to spend more time with their own friends and explore their own passions. That’s why I made a non-negotiable commitment to create the best possible start for them,” he explained.

Mr Borg Bartolo said that being able to witness their growth and see them “blossom in their unique selves” brings him “indescribable joy”, as it is a “rewarding experience like no other”. “My desire to be there for them, guiding them and supporting their individual journeys, has become my greatest motivation,” he added.

By making the switch to solopreneurship, he has gained greater control of how he spends his time, thus allowing him to “prioritise what truly matters”, the wellbeing and happiness of his children.

“I want to provide them with a solid foundation, surrounded by love, encouragement, and the freedom to explore their dreams. It’s a remarkable gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I’m forever grateful,” Mr Borg Bartolo concluded.

Freelance work is a highly polarising subject. Some see the benefits of being in complete control of their own schedule and being their own boss, yet others find it too mentally demanding and stressful. Pursuing a career as a freelancer is not easy, as it requires a certain amount of discipline to keep everything in order. While some thrive in this environment and reap the rewards of their career choice, others struggle and never fully settle.


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