Mental Health

It is easy to get lost in the everyday mechanics of hustle culture, where work is a top priority above everything else including one’s health, both physical and mental.

Despite so, many companies and members of their team spared a minute on LinkedIn, a powerful platform to connect people in business, employees and students among others, to remind people of World Mental Health Day, celebrated on Tuesday.

Whilst other preached words of encouragements some spoke about efforts that need to be taken at employer level, to make everyday feel like its World Mental Health Awareness Day.

Here’s the top five notes of advice from one individual and company to another:

1) The workplace should not be something one hates

Mariella Baldacchino / LinkedIn

Empleo – Workplace Lawyers, a company of lawyers aimed at assisting employers and employees on work-related matters stated that whilst people spend a significant portion of their day at work, “the workplace should not be something [one] hates.”

Adding to this point, the firm reminded that every individual’s wellbeing matters and support is available.

“Let’s create workplaces that foster positivity and mental wellbeing. A supportive work environment can make all the difference,” remarked the firm.

On the other hand, its founder, Mariella Baldacchino penned that it was by time that she realised the importance of mental health, be it her own, her loved ones and her colleagues. She explained that mental health is a journey “where one has two roles, giving support or receiving it.”

“Taking care of our mental health is not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” Dr Baldacchino added.

2) Boosting mental health, one coffee at a time

Gen-Z powered marketing agency The Growth Bully’s strategy lies in a simple cup of coffee.

“At the Growth Bully, we’ve discovered a simple yet effective way to make Mondays more enjoyable: going out for coffee.”

In pursuit of beating the Monday blues, the agency expressed its belief that waking up on a Monday morning with a positive outlook, improves employee’s mental health.

“It may sound funny, but its true. Monday can feel less like a drag when you’re planning a fun trip, celebrating a birthday or pursuing your passions” the agency added.

3) Mental health struggles don’t discriminate by age

Martina Fenech, Resourcing and Training Consultant at IDEA Group, said that life throws curveballs such as rising prices, societal expectations and personal and financial crisis.

Ms Fenech expressed that not everyone’s effort is the same day, after day  and so she appealed people to be empathetic and to “stop putting excessive pressure on ourselves and others.”

She added that mental health awareness day is a reminder that everyone is in it together, dealing with life’s ups and downs. “Its not just about wearing green, its about understanding and supporting one another through the mental challenges we all face.”

Additionally, she claimed that mental health struggles don’t discriminate by age and that everyone carries their own emotional baggage.

4) Fostering a culture of open communication is essential in ensuring a supportive work environment

Hudson Holdings Ltd reminded that this year’s theme for World Mental Health Awareness Day is “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.”

And so, it explained that as an organisation it believes that it is “imperative” to foster a culture of awareness and proactivity in reaching out for help whenever needed.

“We must also be ambassadors for each other and offer help and support whenever we witness colleagues who are struggling,” the company said.

Most importantly, it reiterates that fostering a culture of open communication is essential in ensuring a supportive work environment where each employee’s mental health is valued and cared for.

5) Organisations must take proactive steps to create a culture that prioritises mental health, invest in leadership development and promotes work-life balance

Alison Lowell / LinkedIn

Alison Lowell, a workplace experience manager known for her expertise in fostering positive work cultures among others shared on EGR’s blog that first and foremost if a workplace has poor leadership, this will have a ripple effect on the organisation, including its employees.

“When leaders fail to prioritise the mental health of their employees, it can lead to a cascade of negative consequences. A toxic leader may employ tactics like belittling, bullying or fostering a culture of fear and competition, all of which are detrimental to employee’s mental health,” she wrote.

Nonetheless, this problem, according to Ms Lowell, can be solved by investing in leadership training and development programmes that focus on emotional intelligence, empathy and the ability to create a supportive work culture.

Beyond that, she argued that it is crucial for organisations to establish clear policies to encourage work-life balance such as setting reasonable working hours, discouraging after-hours emails and promoting the use of paid time off.

To tie it all in, Ms Lowell also suggested that any given workplaces should provide access to mental health resources such as counselling services and stress management workshops.


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