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Smart Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Joseph Aquilina has said that participating in the recent Life Cycle Challenge has had a significant impact on the way he views leadership and work.

This came as part of a post on Sunday reflecting on the event, which saw over 20 cyclists embarking on a 2,000-kilometre ride from Bangkok (Thailand) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The 2023 LifeCycle Challenge took place between 23rd November and 8th December, and was done with the intention to fund research into renal disease and raise awareness on kidney health.

Mr Aquilina, who has been involved in the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation for several years and has took part in the event on four occasions, described this journey as one of “resilience, renewal, and purpose.”

He said that it was a “transformative journey” that not only tested his physical endurance, but also “imparted profound lessons in resilience, teamwork, and the power of a focused mind.” Mr Aquilina remarked that the underlying purpose of contributing to this experience was the support being shown to Mater Dei Hospital’s renal unit, “where the challenge for patients is a continuous struggle.”

Joseph Aquilina LifeCycle / LinkedIn
Smart Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Joseph Aquilina during the 2023 LifeCycle Challenge / LinkedIn

“Stepping away from my daily role as CEO of Smart Technologies, I discovered not just the scenic beauty of natural landscapes, but also gained a newfound appreciation for the journey itself, transcending the allure of the destination. The experience has significantly reshaped my approach to leadership and work,” he continued.

He explained that during the journey, each pedal stroke gave him a clearer perspective, “emphasising the importance of stepping back from the minutiae of daily tasks to see the bigger picture.” Mr Aquilina said that endurance sports, such as cycling, “mirrored the challenges of business leadership”, teaching him the significance of resilience, “the ability to persist even when the road gets tough.”

Smart Technologies was one of the Platinum Plus sponsors of the challenge, with its donation providing digital and technology assistance, as well as funding the TRACCIA Software Support System, the software used at Mater Dei Hospital’s renal unit for matching kidney donors with medically compatible transplant candidates.

The chance to disconnect from his daily routine and reconnect with his physical and mental self during the challenge proved to be “immensely reenergising” for Mr Aquilina, who said that he returned to the workplace with renewed energy as well as a “deeper sense of purpose and motivation for the new year.”

“The LifeCycle Challenge underscored that it is not a solo journey but about the power of teamwork, support, and shared goals, values integral to the ethos at Smart Technologies. Integrating these lessons into my leadership style, I am more committed than ever to fostering a workplace that values resilience, perspective, and collective effort,” he added.

Mr Aquilina encouraged any individuals who are still contemplating taking part in the challenge or any similar endeavour to just “go for it”, as the insights gained could be just what one needs to “reenergise and refocus, both personally and professionally.”

“Let’s keep pedalling forward, no matter what road we’re on, and make a positive impact on challenges like those faced by the patients in the renal unit at Mater Dei Hospital,” he affirmed.

Mr Aquilina has been involved in the ICT industry for over 25 years, having co-founded and led a number of successful ventures providing solutions and services across different sectors. As Co-Founder and CEO of Smart Technologies, he oversees the strategic direction, growth, and operations of the company, specialising in cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Smart Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Joseph Aquilina / Smart Technologies


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