Team building and team bonding. Although they sound similar, their purpose, aside from having fun with colleagues, differ from one another.

The goal behind team building is the development of individual skills to achieve a common goal or objective. For instance, playing a game where teammates must focus closely on communication will enhance their ability to communicate effectively in other situations.

Team building exercises are also good for stress relief.

Team bonding, on the other hand, is designed to strengthen the current interpersonal relationships. Such activities are simpler in nature that do not have an objective, but are more geared towards spending time with colleagues and unwinding.

Both principles are equally important in fostering a happy and generally cohesive team. Effectively balancing the two can create better employee engagement, which would in turn lead to better results for your business.

Employee engagement refers to the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace. explores different activites for team bonding and team building activities.

Team building activities:

1 ) Escape rooms:

Escape rooms require lots of concentration, joint effort and communication. In addition to being immersed in another world, escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity to spend some time away from technology and seeing to important phone calls.

Escape rooms require different skills and so every member of the team has the opportunity to fill a different role. Be it the ‘detective’ that spots something different, ‘the leader’ that creates a strategy or the ‘helper’ that assists everyone during the activity, an escape room can bring out everyone’s potential.

2) Blindfold challenge:

The blindfold challenge requires two team players: Someone blindfolded and someone who is giving directions to complete a task. This is a trust bearing exercise that will undoubtely bring about a couple of laughs.

3) Volunteer work:

Many companies dedicate a day helping people and animals in need or by simply helping the environment through a clean up.

Community work is no easy feat and often times employees engaged in these activities creates a sense of shared purpose. While carrying out tasks related to the activity, often employees start discussions about aspects of life and break down hierarchical barries.

This makes for genuine connections while also making a difference.

Team bonding activities:

1) After work drinks

Casual drinks on a Friday after work can be a good way for the team to unwind and close off another week. During such activities colleague can vent about their week, while also keeping it light by discussing out-of-work topics such as sports.

With UEFA Euro 2024 well underway, grabbing a beer or a gin and tonic after work can be a great activity, allowing individuals to discuss their favourite teams to win and countries they support.

2) Trivia activity in the boardroom

Another good way of bonding is to team up with different departments. This is ideal for activities like trivia night that do not require a lot of effort to plan but can be very fun.

A few questions, a funny buzzer and a boardroom might suffice for the team to blow off some steam and show their competitive side with their colleagues.

3) Beach olympics

Now that summer is in full swing, everyone hits the beach, and so can the team. Physical activity has a lot of benefits, both physical and mental. Creating simple games can be a fun activity for the company to strengthen the bonds of the team while also promoting a health and active lifestyle.

For those who cannot do certain activities or do not like sweating in the sun, a simple sunshade, a whistle and a nice cooling drink would still be a good alternative while playing referee.


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