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Local creative marketing agency The Concept Stadium has recently announced a restructuring of its Executive Committee, including the appointment of two C-level Officers to its leadership team.

Jonathan Dalli, CEO of The Concept Stadium welcomed Rebecca Calleja as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Claude Mifsud as Chief Operations Officer (COO). The pair have both been working at the agency for a number of years, initially start from Executives to Head of Public Relations (PR) & Corporate Communications and Head of Web UX/UI, respectively. Their journeys have led them to their respective new roles, equipping them with the skills required to continue driving the agency forward.

These appointments follow the recent promotion of Lorraine Borg to Chief Brand Officer, which came in line with The Concept Stadium’s HR Quality Mark certification.

Founded back in 2012, The Concept Stadium has since grown from a two-man team to a team of nearly 30 Commercial Creatives. Together they service clients in need of support with branding, web, digital and communications.

Ms Calleja assumed her new role at the start of October, and she will now focus more on The Concept Stadium’s client relationship management, as well as lead the business development team alongside Mr Dalli.

On the other hand, Mr Mifsud will take charge of the operations of the agency ensure both the web team as well as the creative studio work in synergy with the Client Partners to provide a complete product or service to clients.

“This new role marks an exciting step in my career at The Concept Stadium, as I now move to focus more on leading the business development team to foster client and company growth, while ensuring that all our current clients are served to their utmost satisfaction,” Ms Calleja said.

“I look forward to what this new journey will bring with it,” she continued.

“Having joined The Concept Stadium in 2015, I had the pleasure of seeing it grow from a team of six to now almost 30 Commercial Creatives,” Mr Mifsud said.

He remarked that growth means that there is a need for “new and improved ways of operating” to ensure the company “continues providing the high-quality work it is known for”.

“I am excited to use the knowledge and expertise I have gained throughout the years at The Concept Stadium to lead the operations side of the business,” he continued.

Additionally, Mr Dalli also announced that Audrey Abela, formerly Head of Digital & Social, has now assumed the role of Head of Client Partners. This means that she will be leading the full team of Client Partners at the agency, offering a range of services including brand crafting, marketing strategy, social media management, digital marketing, corporate communications, the design and development of websites and overall marketing communications.

“In order for any company to grow, it needs to make sure to take all the necessary steps that lead it to achieving this growth in line with its value proposition,” Mr Dalli said.

“Looking at our values, we went through a series of workshops and one-to-one meetings with our Executive Committee team members to understand further where our team saw the company. We did not just listen, but we actioned and included as much feedback from the team into the process as possible,” he explained.

He added that he looks forward to “continue expanding the potential” of The Concept Stadium, taking a “people-first and customer centric approach”. This is being done with the scope of not just taking it forward, but also to attract more talented individuals to join a team that “truly puts its heart in everything that it does”, Mr Dalli concluded.

Featured Image:

From left: The Concept Stadium CEO Jonathan Dalli, Chief Operations Officer Claude Mifsud, and Chief Commercial Officer Rebecca Calleja


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