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Polish philanthropist, businesswoman, and art collector, Omenaa Mensah is the founder of OmenaArt Foundation. With her rich experience, Omenaa leads worldwide projects and initiatives in the realms of design, architecture and art. 

As CEO of OmenaArt Foundation, art and design are an integral part of her life. Speaking to MaltaCEOs, Omenaa smiles as she tells us “Art and design have always been close to my heart. For years, I have been cultivating my collection predominantly focused on sculptures, spatial art pieces, and contemporary paintings. The inception of the OmenaArt Foundation was a natural evolution of my passion.”

An investor in emerging artists, she is keen to bolster their growth and creativity. Using her deep-seated love for art as her primary motivator, the ambitious endeavours she takes on are aimed at conserving and rejuvenating historical sites. Her expertise has garnered accolades from stalwarts in architecture and design, including luminaries like Boris Kudlička, Bruno Moinard, Alessandro La Spada, and Gio Pagani.

Omenaa’s passion for restoring historical sites have led her to choose Malta for her current project. “Since I can remember, I have always had a profound admiration for historic edifices, and Malta boasts an extraordinary density of such buildings.” While she is currently involved in restoring original royal frescoes in Wilanow Palace, one of Poland’s most exquisite palaces; she was in need of a change and “sought a new distinctive spot in the Mediterranean, one that would capture our imagination with its soul and potential. After exploring numerous sites, Villa Luginsland was the one that stole my heart,” she enthuses. “I am extremely pleased to be part of all are exciting, new projects in Malta and thankful for having an opportunity to fulfil my artistic dreams.”

Rebranded as ‘LuginsLand of Art,’ the villa aspires to evolve into a hub for exhibitions, discourse, and artistic events, fostering international artistic exchange and open dialogue across the dimensions of the past, present, and future. Omenaa’s devotion to emphasising the importance of social responsibility within cultural realms has led her foundation to engage in philanthropic activity, like the coordination of the prestigious Grand Charity Auction, which promotes the best Polish and international artists. Plans for Luginsland is to take it back to its former glory as the residence of the pre-war German consul, who hosted grand artistic open-house events.

LuginsLand of Art aims not only to become a hub for creativity but also a place where art and business are intertwined. Omenaa is passionate in investing in young emerging artists and she strongly believes that art and business partnerships can create new cross-sectoral collaborations. LuginsLand of Art opens the door to new networking opportunities for local and international creative entrepreneurs.

Currently, the villa is in the process of meticulous restoration to recapture its former glory. “We have an amazing team of international experts who make sure that every single detail of this outstanding building is being preserved. The most significant value of the property lies in its outstanding location and splendid view, making it an ideal residence where business could blend with art. The extensive land area allows for artistic landscaping, including sculpture, which I am truly passionate about. This is undoubtedly our intended direction. I am truly committed to breathing a new life into the villa and creating an inspiring space that leads initiatives in the realms of design, art, and architecture.”

As a participant in the 2024, OmenaArt Foundation, is organising a themed Polish pavilion as one of its upcoming initiatives for the year. Omenaa explains that the foundation will be “presenting a unique art collection with carefully selected young and acclaimed female artists. It is an exceptional opportunity to open a new form of artistic dialogue.” Her energy and enthusiasm are evident, as she concludes, “what is more, we have an educational programme of panels and workshops prepared at LuginsLand of Art, featuring distinguished artists, art historians, architects, and art professionals. Our aim is to foster an environment for discussion and share with the community the villa’s ongoing construction, restoration, and preservation efforts.”

To follow more of the work carried out by OmenaArt Foundation, click here and here. To follow Omenaa Mensah’s professional activities, click here and here. Meanwhile, LuginsLand of Art’s developments can be followed here and here.

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Omenaa Mensah / Photos by Kurt Paris


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