Joe Tanti

Joe Tanti is stepping down from his role as CEO at the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) after 15 years in the position.

Mr Tanti officially announced his departure on Monday, after the MBB issued an open call for a new CEO last weekend. He stated that “the time has come” for him to “pass the baton to a new CEO to take the MBB to new heights.” He affirmed that this was not “an easy decision,” as he is proud of what was achieved over the years, but felt that change is what drives an organisation forward.

Advertisements have popped up on social media requesting any candidates interested in taking on the role to apply by 22nd March, with a detailed job description also being posted to the MBB’s website.

Mr Tanti had joined the MBB, the organisation that represents The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) in Brussels and Malta, back in 2009.

Over the years, he has gained extensive international experience and also has considerable expertise in a wide range of EU-funding programmes. Under his leadership, the MBB has issued a number of initiatives, talks, workshops, and information sessions with the aim of bridging the gap between EU policy and directives that have an impact on the local business space.

Contacted by this newsroom, Mr Tanti was asked what qualities he hopes his successor will have, to which he remarked that the MBB hopes to find a “dynamic and visionary leader” who can provide strategic direction and drive growth, while also being able to lead a team specialising in multiple areas, including EU policy, project management, business support, and communications.

He added that it is integral for the new CEO to “nurture MBB’s open-door culture and put employee satisfaction and development at the forefront of their agenda.” Mr Tanti remarked that a positive and engaging work environment can have a great effect on employees’ attitude towards their job and productivity.

Additionally, his successor also needs to “be open to introducing any necessary structural changes to the organisation that capitalise on employee talents and respective years of experience.”

“This balance between maintaining the status quo and fostering innovation will be key to their success in the role,” he said.

Reflecting on his own career at the MBB, Mr Tanti said that he is most proud of having the opportunity over the years to help several university graduates “develop themselves and shape a new future for the organisation.”

“Seeing those young professionals thrive and become key contributors to our team has been an incredibly rewarding experience which I will continue cherishing,” he added.

As he looked ahead to the future, once a new CEO is eventually appointed, Mr Tanti said that he will focus on contributing towards ensuring a “successful and smooth transition” for the MBB with the new CEO.

Mr Tanti will also be thinking ahead for the next chapter in his life. “My career has always focused on nurturing talent and helping people develop and grow. I would like to continue contributing towards this, with an emphasis on business mentoring and work-based learning,” he added.

He explained that companies themselves should act as “the next step in a professional’s educational journey,” and this approach will prove to be instrumental in the upskilling of talent and aligning professionals with future operational needs.

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