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Having worked at Deloitte Luxembourg for 20 years and for the Deloitte network over 25, CEO and Managing Partner John Psaila has just been recently re-elected for a second four-year mandate. Today a stalwart of the organisation, John originally planned to stay a couple of years at most but surprised himself by building an entire career and life in Luxembourg.

John Psaila
John Psaila

While 2020 was taken up with reacting to the pandemic and implementing structures to ensure business continuity, John observes that things were finally able to take a different turn in the last 12 months. “In 2021, the emphasis was more on laying the groundwork that would allow us to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than we entered it. The needs of our professionals and clients have shifted dramatically, and the current challenge is to ensure our business model is sufficiently agile to preempt the consequences of the pandemic’s seismic shifts.”

John’s expectations for the year ahead are best described as cautiously hopeful. “It would be unwise to predict the future in times of profound change. However, my take is that, while changes in the way we work and live are probably here to stay, we can hope that a rather steep recovery is on the horizon for many businesses and, hopefully, the global economy.”

According to John, companies that are quick to adapt to the most urgent demands of the global landscape are more likely to bounce back and stay ahead of the game. “I am convinced that the successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that resolutely embrace digitalisation, embed sustainable practices at their core and make their people – their greatest assets – the foundations on which to build their future success.”

Reflecting on his own experience, John believes that his Maltese heritage plays an important part in his self-perception, his place in the world and his success. “I think that my Maltese connection is fundamental to who I am. As a consequence of our history and geographical connections, we Maltese are able to derive the best from the many cultures that have merged to form our own. We are rigorous and sometimes humorous in a very British way, but at the same time gregarious and life-loving in a very Latin way.”

While it could well be this innate versatility that helped him adapt to a career overseas, John praises Luxembourg as an excellent business hub for locals and expats alike. “The diversity of its people, its location in the heart of Europe and its dynamic and stable environment make it the place of choice for businesspeople wishing to expand and strengthen their activities.”

John compares his own inherently Maltese “appetence for diversity” to that of the company’s work ethic. “Like Malta, our business derives its strength from the rich variety of profiles and clients that characterise our life at Deloitte and make us stronger together.”

This article is part of the serialisation of interviews featured in MaltaCEOs 2022 – an annual high-end publication bringing together some of the country’s most influential business leaders.

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