Anton Buttigieg

TradeMalta CEO Anton Buttigieg lauded the trade and economic opportunities present between Malta and the North African country of Morocco at a recent visit to the latter country.

The visit came as part of TradeMalta’s first trade delegation to Morocco. Formed as a public-private partnership between the Government of Malta, currently under the remit of the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the entity is dedicated to helping Malta-based businesses go international

Sharing about the experience to his social network, Mr Buttigieg pointed out that Morocco is “one of the most stable jurisdictions in North Africa”.

He shared that the nation, which boasts a “thriving and diverse economy” is positioning itself by way of its ambitions to “become one of Africa’s leading economies”.

“Morocco is banking on its investment in top class trade and transport infrastructure to achieve its ambition on the African continent. It has already a lot to show for.

“It is the leading producer of renewable energies in Africa, a force in automotive and aviation manufacturing.

“It has a thriving tourism industry and is embarking on a nationwide programm to elevate English as its main form of communication with the outside world.”

Mr Buttigieg shared that 17 Malta-based companies and five Government entities joined TradeMalta on this first trade delegation to Morocco.

He said that during the visit, the Maltese delegation “forged new partnerships and strengthened existing ones to increase the level of trade between Malta and Morocco”.

He thanked the entity’s Head of Trade Promotion, Richard Scerri and its Senior Manager, Carmen Walls, for their “invaluable input” in overseeing the trade delegation.

He also thanked TradeMalta’s partners in Morocco and the General Consulate of Malta in Casablanca. Lastly, he thanked Foreign Minister Ian Borg for leading the delegation.


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