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Local CEO and entrepreneur Glen Ciantar has launched a petition with the aim of transforming Malta into a greener and more beautiful nation, as well as a “beacon of environmental stewardship and economic vitality.”

This came after earlier this week, Mr Ciantar shared AI-generated images of his dream vision of Malta, featuring more green areas and streets which are catered for public transport such as trams, rather than being filled with cars.

Glen Ciantar / Facebook
CEO and entrepreneur Glen Ciantar / Facebook

Malta’s dwindling natural environment has been a topic of debate for countless years, as development has continued to dominate all corners of the country. From towering concrete apartments to developments on outside development zones (ODZ), the nation’s green environment has continued to suffer.

Therefore, the images that Mr Ciantar shared have served as a breath of fresh air, gaining plenty of traction on social media.

In a bid to make his vision a reality, he has created an online petition. At the time of writing, and just one day after its launch, the petition has already garnered over 300 signatures, edging closer to its next goal of 500.

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One of the AI-generated images Glen Ciantar posted / Facebook

Mr Ciantar remarked that his vision “not only embraces the natural splendour of our beloved islands, but also enhances it.”

“Imagine our streets lined with lush trees and vibrant plants, our public spaces open and inviting, and our transport system efficient and modern. Picture a Malta where cars no longer dominate our piazzas, but where people stroll freely, enjoying the serene, car-free environment,” he added.

One of the factors he mentioned is the need to create reservoirs for water conservation, so that every resource is used in an efficient manner.

Mr Ciantar stated that the environment “is not merely a backdrop to our lives,” but a “powerful economic engine.”

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One of the AI-generated images Glen Ciantar posted / Facebook

“It is time we realise that the beauty of Malta can generate significant income. It is not only through construction and population growth that we can boost our economy. By nurturing green spaces, we are cultivating a healthier nation with fewer illnesses, better overall health, and fresher air to breathe. We will enjoy more shade, reduce pollution, and attract tourists eager to capture the picturesque scenes we often travel abroad to admire,” he added.

He noted that the construction and maintenance of green spaces can also lead to a number of job opportunities such as landscapers, gardeners, urban planners, and environmental engineers.

“Together, we can transform Malta into a beacon of environmental stewardship and economic vitality. We can create a nation where our children play in clean, green parks, where our air is pure, and our waters are clear. We can build a Malta that we are proud to call home and that the world is eager to visit,” the entrepreneur continued.

“Let us embark on this journey towards a greener, more beautiful Malta,” he said, before urging people to sign the petition and spread the word.

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One of the AI-generated images Glen Ciantar posted / Facebook


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