Fran Moisa

Headhunter Fran Moisa on Tuesday linked a recruitment process to the experience of going on a first date with someone.

Posting on Valentine’s Day, Ms Moisa remarked that recruitment is “a lot like dating”, particularly when it comes to what one should and should not do when meeting someone.

“If you go on a date with someone and they keep rambling about how amazing they are, you will probably think they’re self-absorbed,” she said. She proceeds to relate this to when a candidate is meeting a recruiter, and how crucial it is to “remember to have a conversation, not a monologue”.

She also pointed out that if someone likes another person, and they opt to send their friends over to “put in a good word” for them, it will most likely have “the opposite effect”. Similarly, recruiters should not “splatter the job with everyone in the hope that the one will show up,” she said, before adding that they need to be “intelligent and selective” with their searches.

Lastly, she said that “if you fancy someone, but when you get talking, is all trauma dump, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and bail out”. She explained that in a similar fashion, during the interview process, it is important to adapt to professional decorum, while also being “articulate and to the point”.

“Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date,” she concluded.

Over the course of her career, Ms Moisa has amassed more than 12 years of experience in recruitment, which culminated in the founding of her own talent advisory boutique consultancy, FM Search. The firm partners with businesses at different stages to help them access specific skills in highly competitive markets.

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Fran Moisa


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