Summer is officially here, bringing a cheerful energy into workspaces as management and staff alike make plans to enjoy the pleasures that the season holds.

And, while we all look forward to our summer plans, here are five action points you can consider ticking off that will set you up for success – both from a company perspective and from a leadership perspective.

  1. Be supportive of your staff’s holiday plans – Staff are encouraged when their management team care about both their careers and their general well-being. Typically, many employees plan vacations in the summertime. So, do check in about what their plans are, and encourage them to switch off. It can be frustrating for teams to have less to work with, but remember that a rested and refreshed colleague benefits both the business and themselves.

  2. Out of office protocols are important – The secret to keeping things running smoothly – internally and externally – when staff members are taking leave at different points in the summer is to make sure they prepare well and follow clear ‘Out of office’ protocols. Everybody gains peace of mind when there is a clear plan for how work will be delegated and where urgent emails can be directed to in somebody’s absence. It is important to emphasise to your staff that advance planning is essential for the company, their colleagues and clients.

  3. Use any quiet time for strategic reviews – For many businesses, summer not only represents a change in gear for staff, but customers can also slow down. Use any quieter moments to think about bigger-picture issues or problems that require some deeper thought. Chances are your inbox is not exploding as much as other times of the year, and staff members are not lining up behind your office door to discuss issues of the day, so use this time wisely.

  4. Network, network, network! – Another value-adding way to make the most out of your summer is to schedule an (iced) coffee or light lunch with anybody you’ve been looking to network with. It could be possible talent, somebody whose insights you seek, a potential new client or even a colleague that you do not cross paths with enough. Make a list of people you’d like to see and get planning.

  5. Invest in yourself – It is not only the business and its staff that need investing in. The economy has been uncertain for some time, and this has taken a toll on many business leaders, understandably so. It would therefore be wise to take some time and invest in yourself. If you can, take that holiday you’ve been dreaming of and truly disconnect. Start a fitness routine – swimming is a great way to improve physical fitness and keep cool. Set yourself reading goals or invest in your mental wellbeing by having technology free hours in the week.


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