Fabio Muscat / LinkedIn

OZO Group CEO Fabio Muscat on Thursday highlighted the growing need for business leaders to give greater priority to their own wellbeing and mental health.

Work life is already very stressful to many, but this is especially the case for business leaders, who aside from their own work, also need to oversee what is happening across the business, and constantly decide the best means forward. This undoubtedly takes a toll on their mental health and stress levels.

Fabio Muscat / LinkedIn
OZO Group CEO Fabio Muscat / LinkedIn

Citing a study by Deloitte, Mr Muscat highlighted a troublesome and “alarming” finding – that “one in every three C-suite executives” constantly struggles with fatigue and poor mental health.

“Despite increased awareness about mental health, many still choose not to speak up and seek help,” he said.

“We all go through difficult times and moments when we feel like giving up. I’ve personally experienced these struggles and often felt isolated. Sleepless nights, dark thoughts, and moments of breakdown were not uncommon,” he explained.

However, he remarked that over time, he eventually started to learn more about himself, his body, and his mind, and also “discovered what triggers certain feelings, how to regain control, and the importance of taking time to stop and reflect”.

“As a business society, it’s crucial for peers and colleagues to share experiences, form coping mechanisms, and compile strategies that help us navigate each day,” Mr Muscat continued.

“Let’s foster an environment of support and open dialogue. Together, we can make a difference,” he concluded.

Andaria Financial Services Chief Revenue Officer Reuben Abela was in agreement, adding that “C-suite burnout leads to far worse consequences for a business”. He also said that business leaders need to take care of themselves first “in order to give the very best” to their people.

Mr Muscat has served as CEO at OZO Group since 2016, having first joined the family business as a clerk before fulfilling a number of other administrative and leadership positions. The group was founded in 1996, specialising in the outsourcing and services industries.

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OZO Group CEO Fabio Muscat / LinkedIn


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