Daniel Schembri / Koperattivi Malta

Koperattivi Malta (KM) CEO Daniel Schembri has stated that the organisation is taking steps in “empowering” Malta’s food producers through its partnership with Malta Food Agency (MFA).

This came after the two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday to enhance the relationship between them and to collaborate further, in a bid to promote cooperative societies and enhance the local food sector. Through this partnership, the two organisations state that they are set to accomplish a number of key objectives, representing a “significant step” towards a “more prosperous and sustainable” future for Malta.

KM and MFA
KM CEO Daniel Schembri and MFA Chief Business Development Officer Justin John Camilleri signing the agreement / MFA

Mr Schembri remarked that food is an indispensable necessity and is one that lies “at the heart of our very existence”.

“At KM, we are deeply committed to enhancing the cooperative sector’s sustainability by incorporating business strategies and cultivating an environment where cooperative societies thrive, ensuring a steady and resilient source of sustenance for our communities,” he explained.

He added: “By fostering this strong partnership with the MFA, we are embarking on a journey to empower our local food producers, strengthen the agribusiness ecosystem, and pave the way for a prosperous and sustainable tomorrow.”

Commenting on the agreement, MFA Chief Business Development Officer Justin John Camilleri highlighted the importance of the MoU as a “strategic move” towards the agency’s objectives.

He remarked that the partnership showcases the MFA’s “commitment to acting as catalysts within the local food industry”, before noting that the primary focus is to bring stakeholders together, as well as foster collaboration and innovation to “continuously promote and add value” to local food products. This is all while supporting the growth and sustainability of local food producers and developing an agribusiness ecosystem.

MFA CEO Brian Vella noted that the collaboration contributes to the agency’s mission, adding that the MFA is “driven by a vision to lead quality and valuable local food products to different markets”.

“Through strategic initiatives and collaborations, MFA empower farmers and fishermen while ensuring transparency and better value for stakeholders, putting local food and food producers at the forefront of priorities to keep strengthening the agrifood sector,” he concluded.

As a result of this agreement, both KM and MFA affirmed their commitment to “genuine, transparent, and collaborative partnership”. They seek to drive “positive change and prosperity” for both cooperative societies in the food sector, together with the wider Maltese community.

KM is an organisation for cooperatives across the Maltese Islands, which aims to support and promote the interests of cooperative societies across various sectors. MFA was established as a means to deliver public services in relation to food deriving from farming and fisheries.


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