Tell us a bit about yourself, your journey and what led you to becoming the CEO of 9H Capital.

It all started from a garage, building mobile and Facebook applications for clients. Fast forward 10 years and we are now a public listed company, employing 70+ people with offices in Malta & Saudi Arabia. I’ve always had a passion for solving problems and working in complex and high performing environments.

I personally spent many years training and racing at the highest level in sports, specifically sailing. Working with some of the best coaches and teams. This taught me at a very young age a few key skills that I believe equip me today to take on the challenges of my role at 9H.

The role I play is very simple – I believe a lot of people overcomplicate it – but important. All high performing teams need a constant heartbeat to keep them on course and at the correct pace, all while having a clear vision of what is coming ahead while everyone has their heads down doing what they do best. Without full trust from the team and full trust in the team the above will never work.

“This is not college basketball, this is the NBA. We will move mountains to win, failure is not an option.” – Benji Borg

Where is 9H Capital now, what is the long-term vision?

Today 9H is a collective of five companies in the marcomms, data and tech ecosystem, that provide a full suite of services. Our long term mission is to offer a service where clients feel they have a partner through their growth journey, essentially an extension of their operation across multiple verticals.

How do you see the role of digital technology in modern society, and what is 9H’s contribution towards it?

I’m a big believer that customers want convenience over anything else. We all live very busy lives and simply want things to work well and save time. Technology allows business to do just that. Most technology is just cool to have, but does not really add much value to customers.

Our strategy at 9H is to build technology that makes a difference. We sit with our customers to truly understand their needs and provide them with solutions that have a big impact both inwards and outwards. Making mundane repetitive tasks easier and more automated allows businesses to hire more thinkers than doers. In the long term this allows the business to pull ahead of its competitors by diving deeper into what customers truly need to make an impact on their daily lives. If businesses are not going to put their customers first, they will not be able to keep up with the customers’ constant demands for a better, faster world.

 We don’t believe in hot-air and buzz words, we believe in substance and delivering  strong, hard-hitting solutions. At 9H we have worked with some of the largest companies and organisations across the globe to allow them to achieve just that.

How do you measure the success of your verticals? and how do you decide which initiatives to pursue?

We are a data driven organisation. One of the major reasons for the growth strategy was to be able to bring on more talented and specialised individuals into the company. This allows us to track core metrics to make informed decisions as fast as possible. We also apply this mind set to our clients by providing them with key insights into their customers, campaigns and e-commerce platforms.

Once we have the data we are very proactive in taking hard decisions to ensure that we are promoting and pushing the right services that are profitable and adding as much value as possible.

About 9H Capital.

9H Capital is a group of companies in the digital marcomms, data and tech ecosystem, that is fuelled by a desire to create outstanding work that drives brands to the forefront of business. By providing a full suite of services, 9H is revolutionizing the digital landscape and helping clients unlock their digital potential to accelerate growth. Each 9H company is committed to building digital experiences that make a difference. 9H Capital works with some of the largest companies and organisations across the globe offering innovative but practical solutions that support growth by combining trusted technology with dedicated human talent.

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