Charlene Sciberras

When it comes to company operations, CEO Charlene Sciberras is a firm believer in the importance of 360-degree insights that offer a holistic approach. And her industry expertise certainly delivers this, ranging from HR and recruitment to commercial, payroll and start-up launches.

Now, she’s at the helm of the newly-launched Elev8 Solutions, a company that she founded with the aim to continue supporting clients in their quest for operational efficiency. She describes Elev8 Solutions as not simply an ‘outsourcing’ company, but more of a partner that guides companies on their journey towards reaching their full potential.

Charlene’s background has certainly equipped her for the challenges ahead. Her CV is a glittering testimonial to this: she was part of the core team that launched Bolt Food in Malta, at a time when the concept was still alien to the local market. And, more recently, she held the role of CEO at OpEx Ltd, a consultancy company that was also a service provider to the iGaming sector.

“My vision for Elev8 is to continue building on what I had achieved at OpEx, which has now wound up operations. In fact, a number of loyal clients are moving to Elev8, together with new ones, with the company taking quite a different approach to consultancy services,” she explains.

Among other things, Elev8 will provide operational solutions such as the outsourcing of payment, risk and fraud services and customer support. However, it will go beyond the individual services to offer a holistic consultancy both to start-ups and to companies that are already established.

“Our scope identifies operational gaps within a company and creates a strategic process to close them. The specific solutions will very much depend on the nature of the company itself and which stage its journey has reached. For instance, a start-up will have completely different requirements than a company that has already been around and that already uses its own processes,” Charlene continued.

This, she says, is precisely why a customised approach is vital, and why every onboarding process is different according to the client. With startups, Elev8 is brought in even before a website is set up or back-office platform agreements are finalised, with the team stepping in to give direction.

“Valuable feedback can be given here, and this is all possible given the years of experience dealing with various back-office platforms, payment providers, as well online casinos which operate with different licenses.  We basically know the dos and don’ts and can position ourselves as a valuable asset to any startup online casino. Simultaneously, we handle vital operations for any casino, through our customer support and payments risk and fraud management services.  This is a headache that is taken away from an operator or an online casino so they can focus on their branding, and on infiltrating the market.  The first months are crucial for any company launch, and through this we give continuous feedback, gathered from end-users,” elaborates Charlene.

Eventually, when a company grows sufficiently and becomes well-established, it may be time to look at in-house alternatives for such services. Even here, Elev8’s input is crucial, helping the client set up the team and establish operational processes.

“Trust is very important, and it’s one of the challenges we face. Many start-ups would want to retain control over certain aspects, but that would mean that we can’t carry out the brief effectively. So far, we’ve been blessed with clients that trust us and appreciate that our goal is to help them grow,” she states.

In a way, Elev8 Solutions inherits all the client company’s ‘problems’. Juggling multiple issues for multiple companies can’t be simple, I point out. Charlene nods and says that this wouldn’t be possible without an ability to adapt and an excellent team, which has been carefully handpicked.

“We are lucky to have an excellent team, boasting an all-encompassing range of expertise when it comes to the industries we operate in. This is where my background in HR came in very useful. We don’t just hire someone ‘off the streets’, we really pick our talent. I want people who can do even more than I can do myself. That way, the entire team learns from each other and it’s a win-win for everybody,” she asserts.

She is proud of the strength and resilience of the team, which she attributes to

strategies that incentivise and motivate the team, while making them feel involved in all processes.

“We operate with a flat hierarchy. Everyone’s opinion is heard and valued. And I insist on transparency, because it’s valuable for members of the team to know why we’re following a particular strategy, and not another. Sure, we offer company perks and benefits, but I don’t believe this is what makes someone decide to stay with a company. It’s more an issue of feeling involved, and of knowing that there’s opportunity for career progression,” she says.

Career progression is something she emphasises heavily, and Elev8 Solutions is now positioning itself in a way that we can offer progression thanks to a highly diversified portfolio of services.

“To pick an example, if someone joins the customer support team, they can later move into another department and continue learning whilst progressing career wise.  For me, the brand is not just a logo and a name, but it’s the team and their resilience, knowledge and dedication that reflects this.  They empower, elevate and deliver results!” Charlene says.

Meanwhile, the CEO has her sights set firmly on the company’s goals for the first few months and beyond, the plan being to continue diversification of services, markets and industries while growing and elevating what’s already on offer.

“Unlike other companies, our team is equipped with all the knowledge necessary to provide clients with a holistic solution that goes beyond the short-term. We identify the client’s pain points, see what the missing pieces are, and we implement them.”

In the long-term, her sights are set firmly on growth, with Elev8 Solutions becoming a leading player in iGaming as well as fintech.

“My goal is to see that the efforts we all have put in turn into a successful venture that we can all benefit from.  It is very important that whilst we offer our client’s operational solutions that help their growth, we also ensure that our own personal and professional growth is and remains at the heart of everything we do,” she concludes.


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