‘Inflation’ has been on everyone’s lips this past year, as consumers all over the globe struggle to keep up with the rising costs of basic items.

Welbee’s CEO Jonathan Shaw has witnessed this issue first-hand – so much so that he regards it as one of the biggest issues his company has had to deal with in 2022.

“Food and groceries have had an impact due to cost increases. Technically, we inherit these from manufacturers and suppliers, but I’m aware of the concerns of the general consumer,” he tells MaltaCEOs.mt.

Because of this, Welbee’s has prioritised “constantly issuing price drops and offers” on top of its “free cashback.”

“Given the current climate, I think [inflation] is a challenge for everyone,” Mr Shaw says.

Obstacles aside, 2022 has been particularly pivotal for the company as it came about just a few months after the official launch of Welbee’s, which saw a number of local supermarket chains come together under a single brand.

Because of this, Mr Shaw says, “[the company] is still following through a long list of deliverables and initiatives that will take [it] to another level.”

“It’s a challenge, as we have to implement such at the same time that we are also operating the day-to-day business,” he continued.

This has helped Mr Shaw come to terms with the fact that “people need leadership” – although some more than others.

“While it’s great to empower and delegate, at times you just need to spell it out and take control to ensure that things are done as and when required,” he reveals.

With that said, growth remains on the horizon for Mr Shaw and Welbee’s as a whole.

The supermarket is set to open a brand-new outlet at Campus Hub just next month, as well as launch “some new releases early next year for both customers and suppliers.”

“2023 looks exciting, and we look forward to continue increasing on our customer base,” the CEO concludes.


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