Norman Aquilina

Taking to social media, Farsons Group CEO Norman Aquilina discusses how mergers and acquisitions can sometimes lead to something much bigger, essentially making the term ‘one plus one equals three’ correct.

Mr Aquilina substantiates his claim by noting how a successful merger / acquisition can “create a company that is both larger and more efficient than the two operating previously.”

Moving on to give a more detailed explanation for his answer, the Farsons CEO says: “that’s why mergers and acquisitions should increasingly become a strategy of choice for companies attempting to create added value and gain competitive advantage.”

“Apart from the benefits of attaining better economies of scale, this should also be recognised as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate”, Mr Aquilina adds.

Mr Aquilina concludes by saying that this is the kind of mindset can help companies “improve their overall competitiveness”.

A stalwart of the local business sphere, Mr Aquilina is a Former Chairman of the Manufacturers Economic Group within the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry.

Previously, he also held the post of Senior Vice-President of the Malta Chamber, wherein he was actively involved in the merger with the Federation of Industry back in 2009.

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Norman Aquilina / LinkedIn


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