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October is nearing its end and it is equally important to remember that this month is ADHD Awareness month. Living with ADHD comes with a number of challenges, especially if your work environment does not cater for your “weaknesses”, but also for your crucial skills.

Sharing the same sentiment on a LinkedIn post, Louise Ellul, Creativity, Flow and Peak-Performance Coach and Trainer shared that there is extraordinary potential that lies within individuals with ADHD.

She added that this topic is close to her heart, and it is for that reason that she shared insight on people with ADHD, to celebrate their “remarkable strengths and empathise with the everyday challenges they courageously navigate.”

She further highlighted that in embracing and understanding the interplay of these traits, “we foster a workplace culture that thrives on diversity, empathy and empowerment.”

In today’s world of constant distractions and “breakneck speed”, Ms Ellul explained, ordinary people are not so different from individuals with ADHD.

Ms Ellul said that such individuals often possess an “arsenal of strengths” that when harnessed can lead to remarkable peak performance.

These include:

  • Hyperfocus:

She explains that individuals with ADHD have the superpower to dive deep into tasks that captivate their interest and achieve incredible results.

  • Creativity:  

Ms Ellul adds that their minds are “a breeding ground for innovative ideas” making them valuable assets in brainstorming sessions.

  • Adaptability:

She also remarks that ADHD individuals thrive in dynamic environments, effortlessly adapting to change and bringing fresh perspective.

  • Energy:

Their enthusiasm, she said, infuses contagious energy into teams, igniting motivation and passion.

  • Empathy:

“ADHD individuals often have heightened empathy,” Ms Ellul remarked. This characteristic makes them excellent collaborators and team builders, characteristics that any well-functioning team will need.

However, Ms Ellul pointed out that strengths have their counterpart. Nonetheless, she remarked that leaders have the responsibility to turn the weaknesses into strengths, and ultimately, into skills and practices that will benefit the team.

  • Distractibility – Using soundproof headphones:

External stimuli, thoughts and impulses can easily distract a person with ADHD and interfere with one’s concentration. Instead of seeing this as a weakness, Ms Ellul recommended working in time-blocks, dedicated for hyperfocusing and use soundproof headphones with suiting music.

  • Impulsivity – Quick decision making:

Impulsivity is a characteristic that hinders the day-to-day life, not just for people with ADHD. Therefore, Ms Ellul suggested training this trait into quick decision-making makes it, “a valuable skill in fast-paced leadership roles.”

  • Procrastination – Setting tight deadlines:

Procrastination is a big interference at work as this leads to wasting time, missing deadlines and affect members of the teams and their workflow. The Peak-Performance Coach and Trainer proposed setting tight deadlines, “leveraging the adrenaline rush for increased productivity.”

  • Emotional Regulation – Mindfulness, regular exercise and consistent sleep

Ms Ellul’s recommendations span beyond the walls of the office. For such changes and improvement in life, she recommends implementing important lifestyle changes such as: mindfulness, regular exercise and consistent sleep. These, she said, will help in having better impulse control, emotional management and improved executive functioning.

Ms Ellul reiterated that every individual has a unique and special blend of strengths and weaknesses. Nonetheless, she reminded leaders that its their role to macro-manage by nurturing those strengths while guiding the transformation of weaknesses into assets.

“Let’s celebrate the remarkable potential within each individual and collectively pave the way for peak performance regardless of our neurodiversity,” Louise Ellul concluded.


Natalie Briffa Farrugia / LinkedIn

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