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GSE Technologies CEO Sabrina Agius has been nominated for the Global Evolutionary Woman Award 2023 in the Leadership and Social Impact category.

The awards, which are held by the Global Institute for Evolutionary Women (GIFEW), seek to recognise women who have been “boldly leading the way, making magic, and creating positive impact” in their respective fields and the community over the year. There are over 100 nominations across all eight categories, with voting closing on 15th October.

To mark her nomination, Ms Agius had an interview with GIFEW Founder and CEO Bea Benkova. During the interview, she expressed delight at her nomination, adding that when she first received the message, she was in “happy tears” as she “wasn’t expecting it”.

“You never expect these things and that someone sees you in a way that you do not see yourself. So I feel very privileged to be seen in such a way and to be nominated for the awards,” Ms Agius said.

Ms Benkova congratulated her, before asking what wakes her up in the morning and motivates her to get on with her day.

“What wakes me up is my mission of what I want to do, the contribution that I want to give to the world, and to see it and make it happen, passing on the energy to other people, whether they’re female or male colleagues. It’s that motivation that brings me to say, listen, you can do this, keep going, no matter how difficult it is,” Ms Agius explained.

In 2020, she co-founded GSE Technologies, a company born from the intention of making Malta and the world “a better place” through green, sustainable and eco technologies. Just six months after the establishment of the company, she was named CEO.

In April and May 2024, GSE Technologies is holding the Green Vision Summit and Expo, an event aimed at continuing talks about decarbonisation and a more sustainable future.

Speaking about that event, Ms Agius said that the idea came about because given Malta’s size, it can serve as the “perfect prototype” for the world to be “completely, fully sustainable, both from a carbon neutrality aspect, but also in sustainability”.

“I believe that we have an opportunity here and we have to make good use of it, because there are other countries who are much, much bigger than we are, but we believe that we can be that place to really make it happen and to set an example to the world,” she added. She noted that this is an ambitious target, yet one that can instigate change for Malta, and for “every part of the world”.

Ms Benkova proceeded to ask her what message she would give to others, to which Ms Agius replied that she invites them to be “better people every day in the little things that we can do right”.

“Let’s make it a better world because the world needs it, not just Malta. We need more kindness, we need more business ethics, we need more fairness. We need more opportunities for everybody,” she concluded.

Aside from her role at GSE Technologies, Ms Agius serves as Sustainability Councillor on the Board of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malta, and is also a Member of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. She played an integral role in the consortium for the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2022.

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GSE Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Sabrina Agius / LinkedIn

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