Giselle Borg Olivier, General Manager of Zaar Crowdfunding, has said that she would be reluctant to hire someone who only wanted to work remotely.

While acknowledging that remote working had its advantages, Ms Borg Olivier said a potential employee who never wanted to come into the office would raise red flags for her.

“I’d be concerned to employ someone who told me that they only wanted to work from home, because to every statement there is another side to be considered,” she wrote, while making an exception for those who cared for others at home or had a condition preventing them from working from elsewhere.

“Working from home doesn’t allow for teamwork. There’s no interest in company culture. Colleagues are simply names over email or faces/voices on a screen for a prescribed amount of time. There’s nothing beyond getting the job description done,” she added.

“It’s a truth that needs to be considered because there will be human repercussions to this way of working.”

Ms Borg Olivier concluded by saying her preference was for flexible working conditions that allow one to work from home when necessary with an office base to come together in.



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